Block setting tool


I’m a clumsy builder.

I’m always bashing the wrong block with a hammer, or a chisel.

I was thinking a tool for ‘setting’ a block might come in handy for me, and orders like me.

Within an owned beacon hit the block with the tool (or the area with aoe boon), then it becomes locked, can’t break it or alter it regardless of permissions

Can only then be unlock by the ‘unsetting’ tool.

Could also be useful for underground mining bases, so often I have been mining away and then realise I have got turned around and removed half my mining base.

Would supercede permissions, so you could employ builders with permissions but secure a particular part of a build, or something similar as well.

I hate it when

Would be nice. Could also just have a “lock build” option on the beacon.


This would be great for once I’m finished building.

May be trickier to do while building, as I can’t quite see how you would septate the build, or structural blocks, from any others.

Also, if I was to misplace a block while building I would have to go find the beacon and turn it off to remove it!

But it would be handy as well as the setting tool.


I like this idea. . if it was restricted to the beacon owner, it could also help if you wanted to have an area with machines for other players to use. They can use anything but not remove the machines, walls, etc. .

I would probably not want to lock the individual blocks, I change my mind too much while building.


a slight variation on this idea… a toggle setting/button, kind of like beacon view. that toggles building on and off inside of beacons that you have build permissions on.

Interesting ideas =)


One compromise is that “set” blocks aren’t invincible, but always take 4 swings like storage blocks do. That way you can remove them if you need to without juggling another tool or beacon option but still avoid the tragedy of one shotting half your wall.


I would also like to be able to protect from modifying my builds, there is this nasty action bug still existing that can cause quickly huge damage on build (and decorated) area.

This would be on my case best thing, I have this habbit to hit with tool other player buildings to see that block properties etc and sometimes I have granted building permissions :E so it goes to additional fixing time then.


Yes a lock build option would be great.


I’m glad that this has been brought up. I have a couple of mines that have some limited construction for the purposes of either protection and or usefulness. They are not attractive builds but they are mostly functional for my mining needs. There have been multiple times that I have accidentally hit the constructions, usually while using a fast brew of some sort.

I would like to float the idea of a possible transformation chisel solution for this issue. How about a transformation chisel that somehow marks protected blocks with an emblem of some sort? (Only visible in “Beacon View”) Said blocks could theoretically reversed as is the case with other transformed blocks. I don’t believe that this would necessarily need to change the type of block either. But I’m not a coder. Perhaps this is a far fetched idea but I thought I would float it.


:scream: are you saying you’ve broke some of my walls.


Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, I’m pretty sure not. Besides your Shedu Tier mine is very nice. I regret that I haven’t been there in a while. :cry:


Lol only one I’ve been to recently is my McRib one. :sweat_smile:

But on topic I completely agree it would be great to be able to lock our builds.