Block types

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Hi guys, wanted to know how many block types are going to be in the game. I know they are a few of them but what about the other material type coming up next time an update releases? I’m curius of what other types are coming, for sure there is going to be iron and copper but i would like to know what materials are going to put or you think they will put.
As the website says, are going to be hundrets of them. I just seen that in the same type of block there are some few more with diferent color and texture.

What can you say guys about this, any thoughts?

Well you can check all of the block types currently in-game (and in the future :open_mouth: ) right here:

I imagine there will be quite a few more, but as it stands, there are already a lot of blocks. Considering all of the block types, all of their variants, colorations, slabs, stairs, walls, and slope forms, there is still currently a lot to work with. Not to mention all of the machinery and titan stuff in the works :smile:

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That its a lot better. last time i did not see the metals and some few others that is what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. what I see is that some of them don’t have any image. I suppose they will put some image reference for them right?

I’m still working through taking screenshots and doing the images for the site… I was trying to get about 3-4 block types done per week in between work, family and playing B< :stuck_out_tongue:

The additional metals and gems have only just recently been added, as I was sifting through the game files to see what materials I could find (if any) to help me in creating the images for the website. I stumbled across those newer ones, so decided to add them to the site for everyone to see!

I’m guessing there are probably quite a few more blocks that we don’t know about yet (but I will have a look through the game files again, after the next release, to see if any extras have been added!)


Thanks a lot for that work. You know something about crafting new tools like hammer, axe and the others like in minecraft with those fantastic materials like iron and the others or we will have for ever the stone ones?.

By the way thanks again i hpe there will be more block types, I mean not those to construct with i mean those that you colect, resourses, plants, and few more

I get the impression there will still be lot more blocks to come …



I’ve been looking the site for a moment and i see that theres and order or block types, and want to do a suggestion. What about another table of contents of the blocks. I mean separete the blocks that you do stairs and others blocks like walls, slaps, etc and put them like in a new category like “Construction Blocks” and the normal blocks stay in like… “Main Blocks”, or “Primary Resource Blocks” category. What do you think about that?

Like this won’t be a caos looking for the blocks. Put all the slap types together, stairs, walls, etc.

This may be something one can take for granted but I was wondering if there will be a greater variety of transparent/translucent blocks in the future or ‘glass’ types other than the current metal framed block ? Something that can be used for larger seamless see-through windows. Gleam can currently be used to sort of make a fake stained glass something or other but it’s missing that translucent/transparent quality.


yeah don’t worry, glass blocks are made from soil blocks and we will have more much variety , so stay tunned