Blocks deleted BUG?

ive been moving a build have a graph here on the lay out ive been demolishing the build to rebuild in another location and ive been missing blocks.theres noone in area to even take the blocks as i have a auto looter anyway and also my inventory is only half empty fo bing full is not the issue.

I’m not sure I fully understand this. Would you be able to go into more detail using screenshots and / or a video to explain it further?

i dont have video and screenshots wouldnt do much but i can describe what happening better. i have a building with lets just say 345 refined blocks and 125 gleam lanterns i break them with my hammers to gather them and rebuild that building at a different location…i should have 345 refined blocks and 125 lanterns but by the time i use the blocks that i gathered i have to recreate the building i have less then what was on the original building so im missing blocks to recreate the build…and i did not have full inventory and i had a max lootwand so everything was gathered

this was the building i was relocating and end up missing blocks i had to make to replace

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Sweet place. Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? It would be easy to lose a lot of blocks if something was 1 longer. Or taller on a big build. I know I’ve made a bunch of mistakes and things just look off a bit then I finally figure it out. Where is this place maybe I’ll check it out.

Do you recall the block drops appearing for every item you broke with a tool?

the dimensions are the exact same i counted and had note pad next to me to make sure also the build bing that big if i was off by 1 block along either side i would have had far more missing then what i did

i used a 3x3 hammer at first and it showed in the upper right that i was accumulating the blocks as i was breaking them but i wasnt keeping count.and it also looked like blocks appearing as i broke them but i know that the blocks stack when broken so i didnt see 9 only one when i broke a section.once destroyed a section and rebuilt it thats when i noticed i was missing blocks.i also was placing the blocks really fast (max skill) i dont know if this could have anything to do with it at all …maybe …idk.