Blocks + Lag Question

I’m building something and want to know if translucent blocks like glass/coloured glass, cause more lag in the general area (or even if you’re looking at a whole bunch of them) than solid blocks like concrete/refined rock.

And as an extension to that, do blocks with more detailed graphics cause more lag/strain (i assume LED and Lucent Gem blocks cause more, but what about concrete vs refined gravel for example).

Even if its like 0.0001% more lag/strain (whatever the tech. term is), I wanna know :slight_smile:

You mean opinion? Or from the devs?

Opinion: portals are worst, followed by any meshes, followed by liquids, followed by LEDs, followed by chiseling/glass/any lighting about equally bad

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I do believe that Leeds require more resources on the client side since you need to turn on pixel rendering to actually see each led glow. I had an “issue” before where I had that setting off and some left positions didn’t work.

Also patterned concrete doesn’t glow with that setting off

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Ideally from big brain @lucadeltodecso but if anybody else has knowledge, then of course fire away :slight_smile:

Yeh I know portals, meshes and liquids are but its the others I don’t know about. In my build I have lots of meshes so I want to reduces as much lag as possible around those, if I can

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Also followed by this atlases do this aswell.
I mean if you have loads of them.

As the dome is made out of 100k+ Colored glass panes(might be a small amount off @Ratchel has those numbers) and there’s no lag from it I’d say your safe to use as much of that as you want. I haven’t noticed any lag from lucent gem blocks(I have a cave made of refined,deco,compact lucent and Oort). Leds i don’t see enough of them to make a call on those.

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The Dome on Gyosha is about 200k+ dark orange glass blocks and never occur lag from it.