Blocks not registering in beacon

Hiya. I’m working on Onward Colonisation place 32 blocks inside the beacon. The blocks aren’t registering. Any suggestions? Thanks

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This might sound stupid but have to check, have you put fuel in the beacon? If so I dont know

yeah but it’s that gleamclub kind. It won’t let me add other fuels.

What exactly do you mean by “blocks not registering”?
Is the prestige total of your beacon not updating?

Smack down a new beacon and add basic fuel then try again some of the tutorial bits can get a bit stuck at times

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wiil do. thanks.

no, the blocks aren’t reging. something to do with the fuel type

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You have to place it in the beacon area and not in the beacon itself

the fuel stacks on top of gleam club so maybe you already have more fuel than your trying to add, if the beacon doesn’t have fuel then your adding the wrong fuel type. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding but I’m not 100% sure of what your trying to do, is it fueling or block placement within a beaconed area?

the latter

Sounds like you are trying to place 32 blocks in the beacon where the fuel goes. Like Dulki mentioned. Place them on the ground inside your beaconed area, where your plot is. If you have blocks in your hand, the outline area where you’re pointing will be green if it’s a safe place to put blocks down

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Yes my new friend had the same issue. You need to build in the beaconed area using 32 blocks. You do not place them in the beacon itself.

They did say that he’s placing them in a beaconed area tho.

He did? I don’t see that.

Yup. Just have to read the comments


At this point I can only suggest turning on builder mode with b on pc or up/down (cant remember which one) on ps4 too make sure your not placing just above or below your plotted area without realising, it definitely isn’t a reserved area? Sorry if I was in game I would come look but wont be on for another 3 hours

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Thanks. It’s just a quest thing. I’ll get to it eventually:-).

And Keep in mind, the bigger the area to Register newly placed blocks, the longer it takes.
So give it a Minute if you want to see Prestige Change.

They are working toward completing a tutorial objective. This should likely be a support post. Their blocks seem to not be recognized for the objective.

Moved your post to support as this may be a lingering bug.

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