Bob's farms, looking for Bob the builder


Bob, I was trying to purchase a diamond heavy shovel in your shop stand for 10000, I made the purchase lost my coin, and did not receive the shovel. Please help. Thank you. I was in the growth farm on Galan.


More of a support issue. Bug maybe


Or it went into some random smart stack.

Is the shovel gone from the shop stand?


Hey there. Bob is aware and we are working on it. Please sit tight my friend.


I will be at work for the next 11hrs and can not sign on. what is your ingame name? And can we have this moved to a support topic please? the location of shop stand is -1042N 1551E Alt 66 on Galan. @james. Can this be looked into to determine in fact if the shop stands are acting up?


When I was purchasing them said 4 shovels were available, then only 2 were available but I don’t have them.


My in game name is Rosa.


Thank you, I am sure it is some sort of bug.


Hey meet me at the Slingbow Depot and I will give you 2 shovels until we work it out.


Where is the slingbow depot


Biitula PS hub

First row 2x2 portal


Can I get there from finata


Ultima Mall 5th Floor

Big A portal


Logging into game and on my way give me 5 minutes


ok I will be here


We’re you purchasing two shovels or one? Just to include it in the topic for when devs look into the shop stands. First post said one shovel


Thank you So much, I appreciate it.


Your welcome from Iconic


I got some notifications of sold out shop stands. I went to collect and found zero coin.

It was late and I got distracted from it but after reading this I’m going to file a report as well.

EDIT: Nevermind I’m an idiot and found the coins in a different area. I’m glad I decided to check my random empty stands before I filed the report.


Yea I’ve noticed 100% of the time with shop stand glitch’s the item purchased is in a smart stack of other items. That’s what the conclusions are when I read the shop stand support topics.