Bob's Farms Tier 6 and Tier 1 Farms! Player Portals NOW AVAILABLE! 11 Farms in total so far! Come and give us a visit! Accessible through Iconic Hive Hub, Ultima, FairyTales (Duskmoor) and recently added Nova Golda and La Familia


Farms have been Remodeled and Player portals have been added! We will be adding new photos of the farms to post shortly.

Bob’s Farms Accessible through Iconic Hive Hub, Ultima, FairyTales (Duskmoor) and recently added Nova Golda and La Familia. The farms are fully protected with brick and glass. No water or holes to worry about. Sign for portals will read “Bob’s Farms” at hubs. We offer regen bombs,tools,pies and brews!

On Galan Growth (Shimmering Orbs) and Wood (Bark/Sap) farms.
On Norkyan we provide Foliage (Inky/Starberry) and Corruption/Tangle (Shadow Orb) farms.
On Alcyon Gravel (Saltpetre) and Wood (Bark/Sap) farms.
On Shedu Tier Mud (Waxy/Exotic Yams).

On Sorissi we provide our Tier 1 Network with Clay,Ash,Peat and sand located at Iconic Hive Hub. More Farms to come!


Growth (Shimmering Orb) Farm:

Wood (Bark/Sap) Farm:


Shadow Orb/Corruption Farm:

Inky/Starberry Farm:



Shedu Tier:

Exotic/Waxy Yam:

Also We would like to introduce our Tier 1 farming network located on Soriss reachable from Iconic Hive Hub few more farms for this hub still to come::





Shimmering orbs-opinions please
Did a search can't find mud farms

Awesome idea! A+ :grin:


Thank you. Hope you enjoy!


My favorite orb farm. Thanks


Have a couple things I need to make and they require of course shimmering orbs. May go and check it out. I think I can bribe my son to go with me LOL. I have 250 titanium bars from a nice haul of titanium I found on sale, none left; I bought the last 1k ores. Planet hoping and was looking at items and saw a sale. Couldn’t pass it up. Now I am almost broke, LOL
Anyhow, if I give him those I can tell him he can go with me to the farm for my generous gift.


Glad you enjoyed. Swing by anytime.


Hope you come take a look.


Post updated with new farms!!!


Do the inky leaves drop from foliage on norkyna?


That is correct. Inky leaves drop from foliage on T6 planets along with fibrous leaves and raw juice starberries.


Oh wow I didn’t know that!! I’ll have to come check out your farm sometime soon :grin:


They look great, bud. I’ll have to try them out one of these days.


No time better then now haha


All farms now have Regen Bombs! Some have tools, working to add tools to the rest.


Every farm will have the correct tool and max damage tool (over kill tool) for that farm for sale at 10k


These look good! I’ll have to visit!


Great farms I always walk away with a ton of loot.


I think your farms are absolutely wonderful, I use them daily. Thank you for having safe places to farm items. I appreciate them more than I can say.


I also enjoy your farms and I like the work you did to the foliage farm. Much easier to use, great job! Thank you


We are so glad to hear that the farms are useful. Thank you for letting us know.