Bob's Farms Tier 6 and Tier 1 Farms! Player Portals NOW AVAILABLE! 11 Farms in total so far! Come and give us a visit! Accessible through Iconic Hive Hub, Ultima, FairyTales (Duskmoor) and recently added Nova Golda and La Familia


Im so bummed these are not called “uncle bob’s farms”


Announcement: Name change may come in the future. Pending a vote…lol


whatever the name change is these farms have been a blessing… BIG thank you from me and from many others who use your farms :slight_smile:


Thank you for all your support and feed back.


It looks great! I have never farmed gravel for saltpeter, though I know people do. Do you know what the return is vs gravel? I use a ton of saltpeter but I usually go to Cardass for mine and walk around… lol. If gravel is better I could definitely see myself using it! Thanks for building for the community.


My last visit I was using a diamond shovel, 1 persisting pie and I think 2-3 speed brews. I was able to reach a SS of saltpetre and lots of gravel for purification of milk and water. Paid off better than I thought it would.


Moved Bark/Sap farm from Norkyna to Acylon reachable through Saltpetre farm. Will be updating original post shortly once the other 2 farms have also been added.


Oh no I really liked the norkyna farm( I kept the wood too) ok well time to adjust!

I make sure to grab a few pies and bombs when I go (if they’re stocked!)


We will think about keeping the Norkyna Bark/Sap farm. Will need to make some changes to it though. It will be closed for time being. Check out Alcyon farm it has a nice color wood also. I pulled around 11 SS of Sap and 4-5 SS of Bark from it in 45mins.


Oh. No need to make a special decision. I farm mats wherever , a pleasant side benefit to getting bark and sap there before was just my preference for the wood. At the end of the day sap and bark are king!


I love the foliage farm. Now I don’t have to burn my eyes out trying to spot Rosetta thingers through the grass. Bob and iconic farms are my favourite!


any chance for coordinates? im to stupid to find that iconic hub thing :confused:


Are you in game? Can show you the ways to the farms. If you are familar with gyosha mall, iconic has a portal to the hive hub in the main gyosha mall hub area.


I really wish I had known about this earlier, so much less of a hassle grinding out crafting materials with your farms :smile:


Aww shoot, I knew I had forgotten something today! Sorry Bob, been a tad hectic!

Shall we add them tomorrow??


Should be able to, if not Wednesday night at latest. Work schedule and all.


New Farm Bark/Sap added accessible through Alycon Iconic Hive Hub-Ultima-FairyTales (Duskmoor) along with La Familia Network this is connected to the gravel farm. Will be doing a original post update shortly. This farm is designed for you to stand in one spot the entire time swing down and regen bomb right back to the top. Come give it a try! Thanks for the help with the design @Nightstar


That still works? I thought they changed it, I’ll have to try your design!


Yes still works, original design just had to be changed a little. Luckily came by Nightstar and was nice enough to give a few pointers.


Oh I see, it has to be wide enough or the regen just pushes you to the side.