Bob's Farms Tier 6 and Tier 1 Farms! Player Portals NOW AVAILABLE! 11 Farms in total so far! Come and give us a visit! Accessible through Iconic Hive Hub, Ultima, FairyTales (Duskmoor) and recently added Nova Golda and La Familia


You will see go check it out…look at the roof haah!


Hey thanks for the thanks!

This especially happens if you’re swinging during regen. One thing that’s interesting is that since you’re standing basically in the center of the regenerating area if you look up you can see how the stuff regenerates from the outside of a globe toward the center.


Small update: A little remodeling is under way for some of the farms. At this time we are offering 1x2 portals at our Shedu mud farm (exotic yam) if anyone would be interested. As well in the process of adding portals to our other farms as well. If you would like a portal that is larger then a 1x2 please let us know. Thank you everyone for your support.


We still need to meet up to set up those portals!


Remodeling has finished. Would you like to meet now?


Updated Original Post. Player Portals added and new networks added La Familia and Nova Golda.