Bomb Bouncing People Off High Ground during Group Hunt

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First, I apologize because this is a rant post.

In my previous group hunt as organized via Official Discord, there are people who use bomb to bounce people off high ground at every chance they get. Some people said sorry over and over but bomb keeps dropping on people. I can’t tell who was saying it and if that same person was the one who does it over and over. I left the hunt immediately and it got me so angry that I can’t sleep!

Not everyone has high speed grapple and high grappling skills. It took me 1 minute to scale a high mountain in Delta Cancret, and there are lots of mountain like these on that planet. It’s frustrating enough to die and spawn on the opposite mountain! Now we have players who purposely throw you off just to have a laugh at other’s expense.

On another note, I would like to know what quirk/boon/defect that cause bombs to bounce player. I would like to suggest developers to disable it.

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Yeah, this was getting heavily abused earlier at the Ultima Guild HQ. A player was running around and using bombs to send people flying to kill them with gravity. Nearly even got me killed before I booked it through a few portals to escape.

People were already complaining in the chat about it too. Warned them it was going to be abused, and seems I was right.

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Knock back is a stat(not a quirk or defect) on all bombs, though I would think it should be removed in the case of healing bombs.



To add to what I said, there may be a quirk or defect that reduces the knock back on bombs(I can’t see it being a boon as there is a boon that increases the knock back), but I haven’t experimented enough with forging bombs to know for certain.

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you shouldn’t be able to push other players around that are not your friend. that seems like griefing to me


I don’t have any friend in that group since I’m using an alt. Actually it happened during the hunt you lead. Do you know if it happens often? Am I to expect these occasionally enough to stop joining these hunt?

Knock back is supposed to be disabled on buffing bombs - for this exact reason. (It can be used to abuse other players.)


Can confirm it’s disabled on regen bombs. I threw a couple when near friends last night and it had no effect (even though they are forged with boons that increase blast range by 24m and knock back by 14m)

It DEFINITELY works on healing bombs… I may or may not have had the misfortune of making some.

They are in my shop labelled as trolly bombs… so while I am not the culprit in this griefing, its entirely possible they got the bombs from me…

I didn’t make them that way on purpose though :man_shrugging: - please remove knockback on healing bombs lol its good for a laugh but it can clearly be abused like in this case

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It’s definitely some type of healing bomb because I remember the sound effect and it doesn’t damage the surrounding blocks.

Not sure if this info will help, there is one occasion where I was thrown off a ledge but as the server correct my position, I’m back up on the mountain again. I fall for real after the perpetrator threw another one.

yesterday i was taking screenshots for another topic on the forum. i was on alcyon, just out of the portal from ultima and a guy tried to throw me down of the cliff. this was definitely a healing bomb. A couple minutes after that, i was in center of all warps in ultima and a couples of players had fun to throw healing bombs at anybody. i recived a bomb that killed me instantly (i was close to death). So yes, the healing bomb seems to be confused and act like a bouncing bomb!

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This sucks. Hope the devs fix this.
Was it TinySerenity? Lol

I looked at my bombs this weekend and sure enough they have knockback. Not the boon, but just the stat. This sucks. I can’t use these without screwing up other players.

Knock back on bombs I would assume makes sense to only effect mobs not players. I would think intention is to throw a bomb on players to heal them while knocking mobs out of the way also. Certainly don’t see point in knocking people your trying to heal back. Hopefully fixed soon :confused: