Bomb damage increased?

So my question is did bomb damage increase in 199? i know you were gonna up the amount of bombs the bags have, but the amount feels the same and all of a sudden seams gets destroyed by 5 bombs on a tier 5 planet which they didnt do before they just barely survived while all the rock got destroyed.

That is with Bomb Epic - 5 points in Bomb mastery and 8 points in Power bonus.

kinda ruins bomb mining as a whole when it suddenly destroyes all resources around in 4 bombs and the rocks in 5, where it used to be 5 to destroy all the rocks and 6 to actually loose the resources.

Bomb mining was nerfed.

Rocks and Seams have the same health value with this new patch, so now you destroy everything.

They still have different health values. Bombs just deal equal percentile damage to both now

Thanks for the clarification. c:

yea i re read the patch notes, and the line that states the bomb destroys rocks and resources at the same time wasent there when i read them yesterday as i recall… but that contradicts the saying they wanna make bomb mining on par with regular mining considering it makes bombs useless for mining.

Tho i know their intended purpose is combat.

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Yea, seems someone forgot to put that bit in there originally… huh.

And I have to agree, I feel like this attempt at balancing the two ways of mining did not succeed at all. Bomb mining is def a thing of the past now. I personally felt that the xp loss, and loss of stone from bomb mining vs that of hammer mining was a good compromise. Albeit, the max range of bombs could have used a bit of a nerf, I don’t think this change did what they claimed it was supposed to.

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