Bomb forge idea

Can we please get a bomb forge perk or defect, that reduces bomb damage to 0, does not effect players as @DKPuncherello suggested in his thread, but then also increases knockback by 1000% so we can blow creatures into walls.

Defect name “supernova”

I want to see a meteor hunt with this. Nothing but supernovas


Why you gotta be like that? :smirk:


Lol, well maybe there can be another edition for friendly games

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Ovis trying to kill us all.


Still planning it, keep one eye open :eye:


This would be cool

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PvP would be a good option so we can have WARS! Lol just need to do it like—and I hate to even mention this game—Fallout 76, where both have to engage for pvp to initiate. But yea these blowback bombs sound tight

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I’d like that system.

It’s stolen from ESO which probably stole it from other games. So feel free to cite ESO :slight_smile:

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I want it to effect other players so we can make a Bombo Wrestling thingy