Bomb Objectives

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I have objectives from before the bomb change and now I can’t complete them or remove them.

The new bombs don’t seem to count:



I can’t reproduce this one. Although you have submitted a screenshot showing details of the forge effects, can you remember what boons were applied to it? Also, are you playing on PC, Mac or PS4?


I am on PC.

It is confusing to me to communicate it, so I will break it down like:

I have bombs from after release. They had Health or Energy or Cleansing buffs. I have one of each of those. When I pick them up it doesn’t satisfy the measure of ‘Acquire a bag of bombs forged with X’

Also, my new bombs I create are healing bombs with the new forging system that has 3 levels. All my bombs are level 3 healing (so cleansing, healing and energy refill). When I hold those bombs they do not satisfy the requirement of ‘Acquire a bag of bombs forged with X’

I even traded with another player who took a break (and hasn’t been playing since the bomb changes merging them together). They gave me some energy bombs, and it didn’t satisfy the objective.

Let me know if you have more questions. My Objectives may just be stuck and personally I may need help vs it being with the system. I am unsure.



I went out and was able to complete parts of it, but the bomb piece is still not showing up:


The ‘Acquire a Bag of Bombs Forged with Cleansing Properties’ was already completed before i reported the issue.


Ah, so the task for the first pinned objective on the screenshot is not registering as being completed despite the fact you already possess these bombs?


Yes! That is correct.


Thanks for the reply, it’s been added to the bug database for someone to investigate.