I would like for you guys to add zelda style bombs in the game so we can blow up pieces of terrain and gather the mats. they worked great in trove for quickly gathering stuff and cubeworld also had them allthough they were slighly useless.


I would like to see bombs, especially if they had some nice physics with them. I will however point towards MC in that bombs will inevitably be used for griefing. If the terrain naturally regenerates though, this shouldn’t be a problem. Although I would worry about people launching bombs into my beacon zone. I’m sure they (the devs) could prevent that though.

a beacon should just remove any possiblity of destruction. also MC had TNT blocks only as far as im aware? this is more like cube world idea, drop a bomb, get the hell away and watch it blow up.

TNT blocks worked similarly to bombs, they were just a little bit more of a pain in the ass to use.

tnt blocks could be placed without instantly detonating. thats the biggest difference.

OH! I played spiral knights for a little bit once, and I loved the way the bombs in that worked- Often bombs would do initial damage, and then they would leave behind areas that inflict status effects. If we had a similar kinda system people could make road blocks and such, and bombs might be a fun and valid kinda combat.

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Oort needs nukes…
Just kidding I love the idea of bombs but I think some players will use them to destroy whole landscapes :confused:

landscapes will regenerate anyways. but if i for example need 1000 pieces of stone then it would be much better for me to just craft a ton of bombs and blow it all up instead of having to mine it individually.

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But we don’t know how long it will take to regenerate. What if someone finds a perfect spot for building and gathers resources for a beacon and then comes back to see the spot blown up? :confused: On mc servers tnt was often the reason why I didn’t wanted to play on that server anymore. I don’t want that something like this happens to Oort.

they could also destroy it by hand if they so desire. again the worlds will regenerate and if you found a ‘‘perfect spot’’ for building and there was materials i needed i would still go blow it up. i think a bomb would have a radius of 5 blocks or so. nothing as insane as TNT blocks from minecraft.

  • they will need to be crafted, not the infinite bombs like minecraft allowed.

I don’t really like explosives in sandbox games :confused: It’s just my personal opinion though :slight_smile:

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do you explore and gather mats? it takes roughly 2 seconds to mine 1 stone and if i needed 1000 it would take me waaay too long. its a way to avoid having to constantly dig if there is clump of materials.

but yeah opinions.

I saw a short clip of Trove once, and it appeared to me the bombs there mostly were an overpowered shovel or pickaxe replacement. A very fast and effective way of digging into ground or through barriers. Though I don’t know much about Trove.

basically yeah, but they would need to be crafted, only thing trove did wrong was that getting the mats for bombs was insanely easy xD

Maybe bombs only destroy things inside of beacons? I would be ok with something like that :slight_smile:

that would be useless you know that right?

why? Protecting landscape for farming purposes isn’t useless :slight_smile:

I love bombs, but not only as a tool for mining, but also for AoE damage. Would be great to run arround, gather some creatures, lead them into a narrow path and then kill them all with some bombs ^^.

But there should be two different kinds of bombs: Enviroment destroying and non-destroying ones.

Even if it takes a day or more to regenerate, it should be not such a big problem. Bombs have to be crafted and no one would just bomb a place just for fun if they are expanive. And even if they do, the worlds are big and the chance that somebody does that is minimal. But if it happends: Bad luck! Life can be hard so live with it. Gather your stuff for a beacon first and then look for a place. On this way you would be safe :wink:

basically. i dont think bombs should be OP for dmg though. i would more like the ability to make traps, one of which could be explosive.

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To be fair MC required you to craft tnt as well…
I’d be down for having 2 types of bombs.

  • bombs as more of a utility (ground clearing and resource gathering. Must be crafted)
  • Bombs as Weapons (infinite supply [with cooldowns ofc], minimal terrain damage, and other gameplay elements)

The weapon type should be more like crafting a bomb bag (think Legend of Zelda) and the utility would be more like crafting TNT in MC.

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