Boon's Landing - Collaborators requested!

Hey guys and gals, just letting you know what Im up to and what I want to do.
I am still outlining all the areas I want to work on myself, but I want to build a large scale medieval/gothic style village.
I recently moved to the Xewell area, and I have my Beacon set up - so if you want to help you will need to post here so I can get you beacon access!
My location is around -800, 80, 600 on Xewell!
I am working on moving this design to Xewell:

You can see a bit of the outline of what I am going to be working on and in the next few pictures I have circled areas that need to be worked on!

Black is areas to build a town
Red is land that needs to be removed…
If you wanna help just let me know!
Oh we can also skype or TS or whatever you would like :smiley:

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id love to help you but im NEVER EVER going to remove anything in oort till they add better tools :stuck_out_tongue:


You dont HAVE to remove stuff :smile:

I can help! I am on most evenings around 6pm EDT to about 12am EDT :smiley:

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Cool! I asked for you to be added to the list of collaborators!

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Yup that’s where I’m at too.

add me too and I will swing by when I can :slight_smile:

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When they add chests, you guys can chill in the houses I have set up in my village next door and will have a place to store your things until b00n’s place has houses and storage too. And who knows? Maybe you guys wind up liking the smaller build style town and wanna become a part of my government… Eh? EH?!

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After taking a closer look to the area id love to help :slight_smile: Do I have to have skype/ts or is it ok if I use the ingame chat?

Ok, I have requested all of you to be added to the collaborators list.
Swing by anytime, you can also add me on skype if you want just include who you are in your message :smiley:
my skype name is matthewbedwardswasalreadytaken or if you have TS let me know!

Also, I am open to name changes to the city, and I need to try to figure out a small design for a flag or wall…
any suggestions there?

  • I am really hoping this can big project where many people feel invested and it could possibly be a major city where other build around as well :smile:
    And I am not sure if @james has added everyone to the collaborators list yet…

Hey b00n, feel free to use my teamspeak.

House design for b00n’s Landing


thats a cool house! i will be on today some then this evening to help you! :smile:

im back…are u still needing some help tonite?

It’s so big O_O

that’s what she…

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I still dont have access :frowning:

First and foremost, to anyone who hasn’t seen this before, Im still always looking for input and or collaboration from others… I have laid more groundwork for things and I wanted to show some others that may not have seen some of the progress that has been made…
For those that havent been here, it is on Xewell, just follow the road from the capital.

I really want others to come and help and build however they would like, or if they want to help I finally have the infrastructure to be able to guild people a bit.
I just want everyone to build together, get along, and dont destroy others creations.
Most of you should belong to the beacon, if you arent and want to help just ask and I will gladly try to get you added!

This first pic is from the back side of the gate…
Green surrounds areas where I would be happy for people to build freely, just try to make it look good and look like a town :smiley:

This is a bit further towards the middle, away from the front gate.
Again, Green surrounds areas where I would be happy for people to build freely, just try to make it look good and look like a town :smiley:

Area in front of the second gate…
Green surrounds areas where I would be happy for people to build freely, just try to make it look good and look like a town

This is the middle of town…
Same as before with the green.

This is just south of the East Lake, at this time I plan on adding the black area, I would prefer to go that alone…
again, build freely on the green

Here is a great shot of the middle of town. The blue would be possible future roads. The red would be area I wouldnt want anyone to build at this time, as Im not sure about future plans, green as always build freely :smiley:

This is a great shot of teh western lakes. I could plan on expanding roads and possibly building a building over near the lakes.

The last one is where I plan on building a giant cathedral.
Other people could help me with it if they would like as I have a blueprint of what I want.
the blue is possible roads and the green is area where you can build freely.