Boons not working in centraforge?

So I put Explorers Fists in the Centra forge, it’s eating my ingredients and I’m hitting yellow but not getting any boons?

Well documented I feel like by many users that this doesn’t work. Nothing I’ve seen noted or responded to by the devs but definitely quite a few users posting about it.

News to me… just wasted like 50k in mats… hope they give us our coin back for all our troubles.

Unless you’re scouring the forums hourly they’d be easy to miss I’m sure. You wouldn’t have known it was an issue if I hadn’t mentioned it and I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t searched the forums about the fists in general when I was trying to figure out the real worth between iron and gold fists. I got some results about the boons as a result of that search.

The game is fun but there are a lot of bad bugs that need to get addressed but it sounds like they have their hands full with the latency issues and all the other updates that they’re working on.

I don’t envy them.

agreed especially now they need to scrap the warpsec concept as it’s causing warp clutter traffic

can you add elemental damage to gloves? cus it seems b.s animals have elemental resist to them if not

Fists havn’t any boons. You can’t make it better in Centraforge.

Why does it go in the centraforge then ;(

No. They don’t have to. Don’t spread your opinions as facts. It’s start to look like you intentionally want to spread those so people be misinformed.

They do have too… it’s been mentioned that it’s an issue, its not going to be scrapped as much as they will make more world closer to reduce the leap costs for portals which essentially you might as well scrap it.

Adjusting values is not scrapping. It’s just balancing. Scrapping implies that it’s being removed altogether.

The fist will be able to be forged, it just doesn’t have any boons available yet. They’ll be added in a future update.


I know it’s not the same. Just a bit of an exaggeration as it just scraps one aspect of its purpose.