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@bucfanpaka beautiful views in pretty much every direction…lovely planet :+1: (aren’t they all!)
@molav find a nice mountain on a permeanet world and build your own! aoe hammers are your friend :slight_smile:


oh my what a beauty this planet is - hit the make permanent button now!!


The last EXO’s actually are a lot better than the first Live ones we were getting almost a year ago.
Maybe we should trade some out … :grinning:


I could only find underwater gleam, but this is closest to the surface I saw:


Saw two places when wandering around that had pieces of refined gleam scattered about…


Awesome :open_mouth::star_struck: Unless @james did it & is trying to trick us lol


I saw this too and gleam meteor hunt pillars. Guess someone has enough or just happened to only have this instorage :smiley:


It is probably from meteors hunts, someone was putting them down so we could see, which is why there is two colors. It was too dark, and it helps us see the creatures. I think elsoui was leading


Thanks for clearing that up - good idea there! :grinning: Haha, too bad it wasn’t natural, that would have been cool!