Bored of working in Zuzu all day?


@Immarock, do you still run Redwood as well?

Always loved that place!

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I don’t anymore, Afta does now! After a bad bout of health I kind just… Felt like I was letting it down so I gave up my ownership. He’s doing a great job though!

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I’m sorry to hear about your health…I hope you are feeling better. You made Redwood a beautiful place and sure I’m sure Afta will do great.

The first time I saw Redwood is when I first started playing and you helped me track down that “white” ice. LoL.

I remember looking around your town and thinking “wow…I have a long way to go”

Good luck with Stardew…I know it will be just as awesome.

Hope you’re feeling better @Immarock!

I saw you picked a Legendville Mall spot then disappeared - let me know if you want a shop spot :blush:

I remember that! How did you build go?

The idea for the build looked good in my mind…but the execution left a lot to be desired. :rofl:

It was a windmill and the white ice was used on the arms / blades. It was ok, but nothing amazing. Guess my skills did not match my imagination. haha

But, I was very appreciative of the ice nonetheless. :+1: