so as much as i like the fact that the forum is getting clean now with people posting their ideas in others threads the forum is getting a little inactive and it bores me slightly cause ive got nothing to read. :’(


I know exactly how you feel


i think its due to multiple factors but this is my main one.

everything has been mentioned in one way or another, so iff someone posts something it will be commented with check ou this thread and put it here, weve already went over this here etc even though its a completely new idea

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To be honest, I haven’t seen any new ideas for a long time. Maybe I’m missing something.
But it’s a fact that almost everything was already mentioned. And it’s also better for the devs that there aren’t dozens of topics with the same idea.

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Japp, it took a long time but finaly the ideas get rare ans so new posts are much fewer. But I think it will change again if there are more features to come into the game, because people will start arguing about them or are inspired to even more features. Also more features means more users … if we would hit into alpha (with a new hud, some races, some more creatures, crafting and progress ) there will be a lot more people who wish to buy the game to test and support it.

But yeah, the silence is pressing the joy of being active in the forum. I took two and a half weeks off from it to get a clean mind again in the hope to return with new ideas (had played some (for me) new MMOs and RPGs in that time :wink: (Seven Days to die, ESO, Elite Dangerous, Tera)). Hope to enter the discussion on some points again :wink:

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