Bottom blending

It doesn’t seem to do it… is it supposed to do it? or am I placing the block wrong?

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Actually, I’ve seen a few blocks in some of my builds do this. Probably just some stuff that will be touched up soon?

Actually thats a bug (you can see the blends. Theyre just in the wrong place) its fixed already for next patch release


While on the blending topic - I recommend not allowing blending from stone to brick (**or broken to wood) … makes building tough :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird blending:


well, broken stone to wood is also not so … precedented :wink:

I dunno I kind of the like the whole stone to brick transition… :smiley_cat:

Looks like it was carved from the stone!

I think that things that are either

  1. made of the same material
    2 made of broken pieces/soft materiel
    should blurr together
    but things that are hard/single pieces and made of different materials should not
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This has always been a problem in some cases so far. The blending code we have at the moment is an all purpose but will need more defined options. This is something I plan to talk to our coders about so we have more options.