Bought a world and is 51 blinksecs away from me

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hi I just bought a 2nd world and its 51 blinksecs away from me and my location both were bought for the same region. Please help…

Sov planets spawn near similar tier homeworld planets in the same region. So if you chose EU and T6 for example, it would spawn around Cardass or Kol Huroo, and would be 1 blinksec away from whichever planet it spawned around.

Things like these (and resource spawns by biome/tier/planet type) are why people strongly recommend looking into info on sov planets before purchasing one.


Planets don’t always respawn around the planet you want it on just have to keep rolling for it if you want multiple planets revolving around the same live planet also

Some dont know that planet tier also affects blincsecs
You cant have a tier 6 orbit tier 3 for example
Just wanted to point that out too since I had people ask me that


It really should include in the world information what planet it is near, I now have to wonder t6’s finding which one I’m near…

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If you click on worlds in your menu and click on your new planet’s name, I thought it did say which planet it orbits (I can’t double check right now bc I’m at work).
Otherwise, there are only 2 T6 planets in each region to choose from:

I know its easy enough to find, just would be allot better if they did put the info in the World tab…


Could always move you base to the Sov… I wouldn’t suggest it, but it is an option.

I also agree it would be beneficial to know where it spawns prior to finalizing the world.