Bought out my shop

To whom ever spent a couple hundred thousand at my shop, I greatly appreciate you! And now I have some forging to do! I just forged about 12 hammers that will be out tomorrow morning roughly 5-6 hours from now, the bows will come later, thanks again to all the patrons you are all the best :grin:
:heart:- MT Olympus shop


woops wrong olympus shop :smiley: I think, but did some spider shopping if that was yours, cleaned out a few places from them

No spiders just had some oorty dolls from the holloween event :grin:

Nice prices on some mid-forged lucent gear here too.

I’m not the mystery buyer but just ran into Zeuz in the shop and got some orbs and nice gear as well as a great bonus item.

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Thanks @Nightstar❤️