warm, vivid, strong, deep


10k each message me on discord.

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Orrian I just googled because I was confused about the mixing, there is also another set of three which are the substractive primary colors.
-> The commonly used subtractive primary colors are cyan, magenta and yellow
These can be used to mix red, green and blue just fyi.^^

The ones we are thaught are the additive primary colors (blue, yellow,red)


Heh. I’m a printer and I call cmyk bryk and get yelled at all the time. Even tho it’s literally the same thing. Well at least where I work. Most of our shades of red are just that only magenta ink. Just various concentrations of magenta ink being used. Blue errr cyan on the other hand has magenta in it a lot of times.


Oh no this is too complicated lol


^^ it is too complicated, we need a guide… lets trade pigments later though :3


Ok but mine are 80% greens


If you can get some red shades not super bright ones then i could trade ya some green kernels / pigments
shades of green mostly 3;


Ill set up a better farm later today.


I have a hangar to build after I ll start tapping into my mutated kernels more and build a bigger setup too. I have managed to make a wooping 200 pigments of 5000 needed pigments so far… 3:


When i log in later this week to give my guild mate some of my Oort I’ll check to see if I have those colors. I probably won’t log in for a few days tho. Don’t really know when I’ll decide to log in lol.


just for your information, cyan in this game is Bright slate.

Edit Bright Slate actually.


Thanks Gorillastomp^^ good to know since I want to increase the size of my setup soon!


Mmmmm slate.


The devs stated that they use light mixing color theory. Might that help too?


Yea read it too, I already wrote to Orrian a few hours ago after doing some testing on the pigment processor to hold off on buying until a guide is released. I will have to change my setup completely too.


How much you want per a gleam @Orrian