Boulder Rings

Where are they? I remember seeing them at T6 planets, but can’t remember which one. I was searching for them for few hours, and did not find it on any planet. I don’t mind spend more time searching, but on which planet?

Boulder rings? Do you mean the sparkly boulder towers? The ones that drop Sulphur fragments, Opal, and Flint. Or is this a Boulder type I haven’t seen yet O.o
Edit: Those boulder towers are all over Alcyon btw in the rocky/ash biomes

They called boulder rings, and they do look like a boulder with a ring of smaller stones around it. They are rather flat, comparing to the tall, glowing in the dark ones. And no, I don’t mean the glowing, tall, sulphur ones. Boulder rings drop the blue (cobalt?) fragments.

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Alycon has quite a few of them in caves near the lava.


If it is cobalt you want it drops from stone chip to.
A lot of them on flat mountaintop on t5 planets (Delta concrete, serpent).

I need to destroy exactly 10 Boulder rings :wink: Boulder Boulders Journal task.

Thanks will check near the lava then :slight_smile:

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I’ve mostly seen those underwater since 1.0…
They used to be in other biomes on the surface but it seems the spawning algorithm changed…

Spent 5 hours trying to do that task on Alycon before angrily turning the comp off. Found a grand total of one. Went swimming in lava 4 times. I hate that planet I really do.

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I remember there were many of them in caves, but can’t seem to find it. And yeah, after few lava swims I gave up on Alcyon too :slight_smile: Didn’t find any on on Cardass in caves (search few different bioms), so I believe they have to be on Shedu Tier in caves.

Or… the bug resource regeneration, so they were all just picked up already, and after the patch things get better :thinking:

I was just there and got about 10-12ish I have some in my shop as well it’s Noms! In front of Castle Black all the way to the left in the Biitula PS portal hub. They are labeled currently as “My pet rock” for 300 coin a piece I think (wife handles the shop part I just farm!).

i get most of my stone chips on flat glacier covered mountaintop on merika. wildlife mostly harmless :slight_smile:

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I gave up, I really really can’t find any boulder rings. I tried yesterday and today, tried for few hours, died countless times to lava on Acylon. There is none I can find :scream:

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Hmmmm, I have never seen that type of boulder before. will keep an eye out tho. Next time I’m mining anyway, which won’t be anytime soon considering the bombs…

Last attempt. Why did I not think of it earlier… ? Put Cobalt into your atlas, go to blue dot. Dig down. Profit :wink:

I literally found this two (the first ones) when you were posting :smiley:


Wild, they look almost like the boulder chips. Cool beans(no not sweet beans look elsewhere for those :joy:)

I can only assume ps4 atlas is still bugged, all I get are different shades of grey on mine. Tried digging from the top to bottom , on light, medium and dark greys and nothing.

If you put something other, like for example sulphur and see different colours and with cobalt only grey, then it means there are no cobalt bearing boulders on that planet, or at least in that part of planet. But if you put sulphur, or iron or copper and see no colours… Then I guess it’s bugged.

On Alcyon I saw just few blue dots. Enough to to get it done, but it was a lot of travel, and challenging a bit.

Sulphur etc is showing up, that’s incredible that all ring boulders can be gone…Out of 39 regions I see