Boundless 20% discount


We’re going to run a discount for Boundless this weekend. So please shout high and low that now is a good time to grab Boundless and take a look. The discount is available via Steam.

If you want to share a link online, please use:

How can you help?

  1. Tell potential players about the game.
  2. Respond to queries on the Boundless and Steam forums.
  3. Welcome new players in game!

The aim of the discount is to get a bigger group of new players to checkout the current version of the game. When we’re evaluating how players respond to the game we look at the metrics and player progress events that are generated on the server. This gives us a version of true player experience, because it captures what actually happened. The metrics generated by experienced players don’t truly capture a new user experience - because you already know what is going on, where towns are, where portals are, where to find resources, etc. So we want to get a statistically significant number of new players to play Boundless whilst we’re attempting to balance everything. We’ll then be able to compare these based metrics to subsequent updates, and make sure everything is going in the right direction.


You have my sword stick!


No discount on the dlc :frowning:


Nice deal, asking others to join as well now!
Is the game considered alpha or even beta now? Or is is still pre-alpha? :wink:


I love this game so much I placed the info. On the channel I stream on. This will be a hole new audience to see Boundless, may the Oort Gods be with us! :doug:


Seems to be working, there were 40 players online on Therka just a moment ago!


We’re need to agree on the definition of alpha and beta first!!


This game is definitely in beta. Alpha is the very early stages of a game perhaps before it’s even playable. Boundless in my opinion is practically finished which to me means beta.


I read (just now) that the difference between the two is that an alpha will generally be the stage where most of the features are added. A beta is where those features are fine tuned and bug fixed. Both definitions fall under the ‘not finished’ category though.

I say it’s in the post-alpha-pre-beta-possibly-encroaching-on-gamma phase.


Gamma??? Sounds sexy :smirk:


Sexy? Gamma? You must have thought I said Gemma, or Gammon.

I’m not just here to derail though. I’ve convinced a couple of friends to finally take the plunge now that it’s on sale. It’ll be interesting to see how they find the start of the game compared to how I started out, before tutorials and such.

When does the deal end by the way, @james?


Think it’s set for 1 week. So ends next Friday.

Details are on Steam:


Nooo, i want more…


Oh me too, me too. there’s lots more coming in 1.0


Looks like it’s working !

New all-time peak set yesterday, for total players online at the same time!


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