Boundless Bulletin - Day 1!

This cool and stuff with statistic but what really happen?
its a shame I can’t post videos yet :frowning:

I mean like 2 hour after opening the server PS went to “Circarpous I” planet and got brutally wiped out from the atmosphere effect.

We started with 8 guild members both in the game and in voice on discord working together, pulling resources and helping each other to push forward. around 22:00 UTC +00 we reached 15 players and in voice and it said like that all the way to 05:00 UTC +00 all together we were over +20 players that worked together to try to find the way thru the game. Some around 08:00 UTC +00 Our first member Gorilla Stomp reached tier 5 planet and mined the first diamonds. but the players went there and got stuck there until I told them that they can warp back to home beacon with negative coins.

Portal Seekers held the first hunt with 8 players and we got several meteors. It was difficult especially the Stout Cuttletrunks with massive armor good thing that everyone just clubbed them to death with hammers.


I feel aMAZEing :wink: one day in and already one maze 90% complete. just needs a roof and an exit

I’ve already gotten myself lost in it twice…


First contact to the new worlds is an amazing feeling. The very new settings of biomes and colors are mesmerizing and it’s a wonderfuly good feeling to discover something totally new. I had built up my first basic (pink ^^) home and a friend settled right next to me, so that I can show him the game (he got a key I got from an Oortian 4 years ago … that LUCKER!!! :P). Now I see into a bright future in this new worlds and my personal target is already set in stone: gather enough material to go to another world and settle there as well. I will live the life of a nomad until I find a final place to set up a real home (which then is more then 2 beacons ^^).

I’m really wondering what miracles are there to discover. But one step at a time! :wink:

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End of day one - two HUB-s up and running.
Now the gathering of materials for the big build can really start :grinning: :+1: :+1:


On the Worlds tab, The Crimson Shell is listed as the second biggest Settlement, with 25,295 prestige, not 112,507. Is this just a bug?

well the most epic thing so far (appart from settling on my main with my main Guild Shadow Dragons

I found a Henge on Lasaina and protected it with plots so it could be seen and experienced by all and not destroyed :slight_smile:

I am currently recording my Adventure Diary up to (and maybe beyond) release… i promise not to even render until the 28th lol… I am however just wondering if we are allowed to upload pre-pre-release videos after the 28th? (so like… content from BEFORE the 28th @SamF ?)

And i will post some pics of the henge, even though they are also on Post Your Screenshots

Australia Starter Planet


they may have quite easily for some reason removed a few plots/blocks (which would lower overall prestiege)

Could be a bug though?

Yeah Its possible. I went to the current capital and it was just one single house which I thought was weird.


The key words is the whole community. Not just one specific city.

“the Sochaltin I community have already placed 818 plots between them, with a current prestige of 112,507!”

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Oh that makes sense

I was the first Viceroy for Beckon in US East…I just can’t keep up with Dune :sweat:

Ummm you forgot there is another starter world in US East where many of the illuminoorti died within the first 2 minutes of landing on the planet… Yet somehow we were able to be the first officially posted Capital across all the zones of the universe. :slight_smile: =

But the illuminoorti have moved on to another planet in our quest to find our long lost ancient home world…

Yes, that’s fine.

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I got stuck on Lamblis, with not enough coins to pay for a warp back home, despite the giant flashing warning about it when I stepped through the warpgate on the way there.

While wandering in despair and waiting for some sort of reward chest to save the day, I ran into a lone adventurer who was digging in search of Ancient Tech Components. And I had a ton of them!

The thing was… he was tunneling directly under a river of magma, and he didn’t know it. After a brief shouted exchange from above and below the planet’s surface, we managed to dig our way to each other without him frying himself.

Quick hand trade at ultra-low altitude, some pleasantries exchanged, and everyone walked away with exactly what they needed!


you can always warp to your home beacon, your coins are allowed to go negative in that case.


Ah, that explains a lot :grin:

but ya was first ever :sunglasses:

Delta Cancret has a capital now :grin:

ArkBound are completing home world base with basic machines and storage (that’s on Lasagna, AU); our main base will be located on tier 2 or 3 world so this one is only a small post really for early leveling and later for going back if certain color blocks are needed or new players will have a training ground here.

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If anyone wants to join us in building a city on Sochaltin starter planet join us on Discord and on Aquatopia 1.0 “general” voice channel: Discord and let’s build up! :smile: (we have a lot of gravel :wink: )

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