is online! (update 16th of may 2020)

welcome to (i will update this post for changes)

a site designed for chatting with your fellow community members.
the site is still a work in progress but i will work and improve it along the way :slight_smile:
like i said its designed mainly for chatting but also function as a info ,advertisement site.
i have set some navigations up if you like to be added please let me know also let me know if you don’t like me to add anything from you.
its both for pc and mobile , the mobile chat feature stands out the most!
im working on adding chat-rooms for each planet.
do you like to have your own private chatroom? sure contact me with name and protected password :slight_smile:
things i plan to do are on the (to-do list) on the site
there is also a terms of service please go through it if u can all images related to boundless are Copyrighted/ owned by Wonderstruck the site is a totally fan-based site for non profit reasons

in near future i enable registration so some people are able to create chat-rooms for their guilds etc
protected with password

NEW: android and IOS app on its way pretty soon to be found in the playstore and appstore!

top view and bottom view of the site and chat room preview

------------------------------------OLD OLD OLD----------------------------------------

------------------------------------NEW NEW NEW----------------------------------------

------------------------EDIT 16TH OF MAY------------------------------------
text color changes next update

whats next?
lottery improvements
and jobs is coming! that’s right a fully functional standalone boundless freelance job addon (thats a mouthful)
so if you are a freelance builder you can post your job add your gallery and have people hire you for coins or in game items, you can even set a certain time or goal to have it finished.
i will also add a middle man option so those who create a build for someone as it might be shown on the image the pay is being hold onto until the service has been completed this way both parties are safe. the release will be in june, so stay tuned.
interested in becoming a freelance? for anything this can be forging or building PM me


Is it a cure for boundless addiction?

Would love to say I’m working on something awesome too, but mine definitely falls into the idiotically ambitious waste of time category


I’m very sorry to disappoint you kind sir…it will just increase the addiction by 50% also I’m sorry to tell you this but…theres no cure for a boundless addiction :pensive:


This reminds me of the endless fb posts and things:

Person 2 3,4 & 5: you ok,what happened
Person 1: Cant say.


Didn’t you mention something about a beginners tutorial? :thinking:

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that’s called “vaguebooking”. I get being so excited about an idea that you just gotta say something or you’ll pop but you don’t want to wreck the suprise. It’s also handy for obligating oneself to follow through.


release will be this week!

it will still be a work in progress after the release and i will add a to-do list


I had no idea you were doing this but whatever it is… good luck.
Ps… damn holes

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Where can we go see it?

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you cant yet xD

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Is this in future?

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Will it have emojis???



No :cheese: for u @AeneaGames

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Yea it wil be this week so somewhere in the future lol😆


updated with info!

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What’s wrong with discord?

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not everyone has it or wants to use it

But if you can go to your website you can also use discord…

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not really the site/chat does not require registration to be using the chat function for discord you need to register and i come across many players that do not have discord so i’m bringing out an alternative option to ask for help also for those that don’t like using the chat, there’s no must lol there is still lots of info to come and links to other useful sites