Boundless Code of Conduct

You know that both of you are very biased, and there is no way to be objective about any symbol? It is the ones who makes the symbol, and the one who sees the symbol giving them meaning. Because symbols themselves are meaningless, and what meaning will be given to them depends on context.

If you compare a swastika on an ancient Greek vase, with a photo of convicted child molester wearing a rainbow flag which symbol is positive and which is negative?

You assassinate swastika only with Third Reich because you choose to, or you were told to.

And it seems that Devs choose that too. I understand their motives, not gonna fight it, and just accept it. But just because You choose to accept the association convenient to you, does not mean that universally one symbol is worse than the other.


This game is for 7 yrs and up. Rainbows are not just symbols of an organisation they are naturally occurring phenomena. Swastikas on the other hand are a human design with, now, a particular association. They are not equivalent.


I don’t see anything about trading real assets for in-game assets. What is the position on that?


Pretty sure that’s in the terms and conditions regarding property, not so much a code of conduct thing.


It is important to note this is not a philosophical discussion on the moral/ethical application of symbols and their interpretation by the bearer or viewer.

This is a post outlining the actions allowed in the community and what actions are not permitted as seen by the organization which will be punishing those actions.

While I can appreciate philosophical debate on the idea of symbols (I mean good luck) which is open to debate, a rules / law set is not going to be heavily impacted by concept of interpretation…since it doesn’t have to be. Since they are making the decisions, they don’t have to worry about leaving it open.

Anyone can report anything, in the end Wonderstruck makes the decision.

We don’t need to be convinced of the rules, they are in place and we already must abide.

So I would not suggest building something you believe is controversial…and also, be open to being told that your build needs to change as a result of a report received.

As long as we remain open to these guidelines, flexible to change of our builds, don’t take it personally (as it certainly is not) and don’t create a false narrative that any censorship is strangling all creative outlets (because the game doesn’t allow a few concepts in builds) then you will be fine

We have a lot of impact on the community, but the rules need to be decided and followed.

Just my opinion of course


I understand that you sir must follow some ‘industry standards’
But when you make a videogame with unlimited creativity potential this kind of situations will arise sooner or later.
That’s why I appreciate some clear rules about this.
Because I’m an hinduist and I will get very frustrated if I get banned for building my hindi temple with svastikas.


Am i like missing something or where is @SamF


But you shouldn’t get banned because the rules are very clear. No swastikas. If you want to build swastikas, then this private property is apparently not the place to do it. If you still do it, you should be banned, for breaking the clearly stated rules. It’s been linked more than once and was written very clearly.

I’m sorry some small men ruined your religion’s symbol but allowing it because of x also means people could/will also use it for y.


Activity on user says here today, last post 4 days ago.

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Sam’s less on the Community support side of things and more on the Marketing/Branding areas. You’ll still see posts from him, but if you have any problem, it’s better to contact either myself or @ObvItsAmy :slight_smile:


As I wrote. :slight_smile:

I’m not narrow minded enough to be offended by any symbol. I can fight for the right of freedom of expression, because that’s one of the basic human rights. I do believe that freedom of speech is something right. And laws banning hate speech are there just to manipulate masses. I also believe that if person can be really offended by words, or symbols, or the lack of those (an example is forcing religious symbols everywhere, schools, public offices etc.) it is that person choice. And I feel pity for the vastness of their stupidity. On the other side, world is full of stupid masses that needs to be manipulated in a… less violent direction, and the easiest way are said hate speech laws. I’d rather have neighbourhood, town, country, full of calm idiots, rather than angry idiots, that are angry just because someone said, shown, or didn’t say, or din’t shown something. I’d really, really do enjoy trolling people, see how they throw tantrum because of their lack of common sense, or stupid beliefs… but I’m getting older, and this kind of trolling is less and less fun by the year.

So as I said, I accept what Steggs wrote. But when you see in the wild someone that just begs to be argued with… I just can’t stop myself :joy: I’m not old enough I guess :thinking:

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@Steggs101 I have a forum thread advertising my in-game shop, General Store of Black Light, that I post in consistently when I have announcements about the shop. Does this go against the codes about post bumping as I am largely the only one that posts there?


I think people get frustrated regardless of why they are banned :wink: I don’t know if an emotional response is really hindering action.

If the community moderators didn’t ban people because it would ‘upset the person’ then I don’t think anyone would get banned.

But as you say, this game has ‘unlimited creative potential’. If you can’t build 6 things, 10 things, 100 things, 10000 things…there are still endless more you can create.

I mean, if every block you are placing in your build you are thinking “I better not get banned for this, I am going to make it huge, cuz I better not get banned for it!” then, I would really stop and take a step back.

Seems like a good time to relax and go mining hehe


I read that as “don’t dig hidden death traps under other players beacons”. If you dig a huge hole under someone’s beacon they might accidentally fall into it when trying to dig out their floor and die. They are taking it on a case by case basis, I would be really surprised if your example counted as griefing. Maybe @Steggs101 can confirm.


Their target is spamming.

When you do update your thread, do it thoughtfully. Add an update about if you expanded, or refilled your baskets. Don’t do it many times a day or in quick succession. Don’t just put ‘bump’ or ‘hey check out my store’ many times.

Just my 2 cents of course. Not an admin.


Right, I only post when I add more stock, restock, or recoin baskets. And I only post once a day or two


As the worms has been spilled on the table.

Please don’t build crosses as they are religious symbols.
Please don’t build swastikas as they are religious symbols, also used by Neo-Nazis, which is interpreted a symbol of intolerance of (non-white) races and (non-christian) religions. In the latter case it is also associated with violence.

Also, on the thing with pride and similar flags (aka “gender politics”). The whole thing about that is mostly that they want the same rights and want to be treated as any other citizens. Which some do not find agreeable because of their definition of what is moral. I also do not associate these flags with violence, not as in being the aggressor at least. Even so, it would be prudent to not be in everyones face with these symbols.

People should rather try to come up with their own designs imo.


Ok no probs i just always thoughts you and sam are both community managers

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Democracy is only one way of doing things. They are many others.
The best practice is to avoid any real life political message. Boundless is not a propaganda tool, even if your purpose is to fight for human rights.


I’ve deleted 2 posts here as the only purpose they were going to serve is to start an argument.

I don’t want to lock an FAQ thread guys… especially when people have valid questions here, so if you’d like to continue the discussion on what certain symbols mean to you, feel free to hash it out in some Pms between yourselves. For this particular thread, you have an official answer and no amount of flaming each other will change that.

@JakeTheHit Updating your shop thread with new info is fine, we may add that as a note in there. :+1: