Boundless Code of Conduct


Thanks @Steggs101!


You could just post this FAQ, CoC to one topic without discussion. Pin it, and lock it. And if proper questions will arise and get answered in a separate discussion topic, they can be moved to FAQ one. It will keep FAQ clean, and let us jump to our throats have a discussion. No one, who’s interested in CoC alone will have to scroll through discussion to find for itself if any proper question was answered.


Finally we got code of conduct !!! yay :smiley: I hope this will force several players to rethink they way of doing things :slight_smile:


Ahhh I see, thanks. Probably needs to be this explicit in the CoC then!


Yeah if someone has a skybase, digging underneath them isn’t going to do much.

It’s in cases where someone has a base on the ground, and someone else digs the ground out around it to cause difficulty getting out the base.

Again, it’s a matter of “Would I want someone to do this to me” - doesn’t always work that way, but the majority of cases do.

HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!

Perfect, thanks!


This whole thread went down exactly as I expected. People posting hyperbole, people wanting ‘things cleared up’ that should be obvious. Funny really how these kind of discussions always have the same bullet points :slight_smile:


Welcome to the internetz :joy:


Anyone know the secret ritual to invoke a discord admin and pin this on every chanel?
People can’t stop fighting about rules and stuff over there. :sweat_smile:


I admit, totally my fault for posting about music in the general category. Rushed through typing on my phone and hit “post”.

Thank you willcrutchley for moving it to the right spot.

My apologies again


I’ll let the ritual offerings slide this one time :wink:


But the gods will be displeased they don’t get their daily ration of dodos!


“This includes but is not limited to content that is: abusive, seditious…”

Seditious against whom?


It’s good to finally have this laid out.


To be honest, I find it kind of sad this actually needs to be laid out. There’s nothing new, shocking or strange in it all. It’s all common sense or common decency. Shame :frowning:


I agree with the standards overall, but one bone to pick.

You mention building a wall around someone’s property, but you make no mention of someone claiming a plot in the middle of your build.

So if this happens, what is my recourse?

Am I supposed to stop my multi-story build until his beacon runs out in a month or even for three days, or whatever it would be, while you very busy people deal with this Griefer? Or can I report him and continue on with my build without a care?


I assume they are saying you can’t use the game to encourage people to rebel against their government. I imagine allowing that sort of activity to go unchecked could have legal repercussions for Wonderstruck. Besides a game like this really isn’t the appropriate forum to have that sort of debate.


Are all religious symbols not allowed?

Playing devil’s advocate here, some people find all region offensive and offensive things arn’t allowed.

Is Gay Pride stuff allowed?
Transgendered stuff?

In today’s world almost anything can be offensive, so can we have more examples of what is NOT allowed, please.


How about you read whole topic instead of replying to me, after one post? Hmm?


Oh im sorry, I didnt mean to reply to you, I wanted to reply to the thread, relax.