Boundless Code of Conduct


But still, all your questions were answered. I don’t have a problem with you replying me. But you could read whole topic instead just posting question after 5 posts :wink:


The Code of Conduct explicitly doesn’t use the term “offensive”, because taking offence is subjective and different per person. Being offended is not part of the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct also doesn’t use the term “religion” or “religious”.

The Code of Conduct does explicitly list any homophobic content as inappropriate.


Oh? I think I could report everyone on the server for this. LOL



You are right, we may need also some clarification about penalizing intentional harassing using report player functionality too :wink: :innocent:


Agreed. And a lot of time you don’t even know it is below a beacon since if you one hit while mining a cave then you never see the reserved message. Also I think this leads to another problem of people beaconing above valuable resources and claim hogging them this way. Keeping others from having things like gleam, corruption, and other blocks.


Definitely agree, but theres been many things come up in the past which explode into a heated debate which eventually boils down to “There are no rules against it” so its good to finally have something to point to.

I think some of a rules are a bit extreme personally, but it is good to have them.


How come i feel this is going to punish nice people :sweat:

How about players who plot on the center in our town which surround by the road we made ?
Can we add the walls to our road ? But it will looks like we build a wall around his place.

For example: 1 plot for that player, but we have like 300 -500 plot around it.


Mining under (or above) another player’s beacon for resources and blocks is perfectly fine. It’s part of the game. If we wanted to restrict this it would be easily done in the beaconing system. (Reserved blocks would be protected.)

What this is attempting to restrict is players removing all blocks from under (or above) another players’s beacon and turning it into an isolated floating structure. If you need this many blocks - go look elsewhere.

  • Mining - good.
  • Excavating at the expense of another player - bad.

I hope this is a no brainer for all players.


You’re a funny guy :smiley:


Funny looking…? (jokes)


Thanks. Could you please edit the CoC to reflect this so it is more clear to people that only read the main post and not the comments.


I thought I knew what I meant, but if it’s a CoC that players will base reporting or not another player, I figured being explicit would reduce erroneous reports.


You’ve not worked tech support, have you? Because that’s a really funny comment :slight_smile:

At one point one of my colleagues was complaining that a customer wanted support for an unsupported, too old, different language machine. And was very angry he couldn’t get it. :smiley:


Oh I have, and it’s part of my job now. It’s nice to have a place to point people for clarity even if they need prompting to read it first.

Edit: Never read the manual, that’s like cheating. :slight_smile:


I really don’t get the idea behind proclaiming your political/religious/whatever views in game. There’s so much interesting stuff to build, putting a real life symbol on it shouldn’t be on top of builders list. Invent your own symbol, have fun, this is a GAME for whatever’s sake


So building medieval european castle I’m forced to skip chapel/church? :stuck_out_tongue:

Imho this should be case by case for as long as possible if and when people are offended.


yep, I agree :slight_smile: Case by case. I was only commenting on people just discussing for sake of discussion and won’t build anything at all.

Also, even for building church, does it really has to be cross as a symbol? There is unlimited symbols to create, one that goes better with sci-fi setting maybe, number 42 :wink:


well said! Thank you!


i’ll put a :duck: on everything now !