Boundless Code of Conduct


Is it against the CoC for me to claim additional territory within my box of plots if someone puts up plots in the middle of the area? They may have done it not knowing I had the area plotted, but my question is if it is ok for me to claim up the other areas?


I don’t see why it would as you already have the box formed.

Obviously it would depend on how big a box it is as people could not notice it’s a complete box if it’s large enough and might feel upset if this happens then but it would be much more obvious if it’s a smaller box.


Agreed. I like to think (hope) that a lot of plot disputes will be handled on a situational basis. The problem with black-and-white rules is that they often focus on ‘what is’, as opposed to ‘what is reasonable’.

For example, plotting the outline of a 4 by 6 box show some fairly clear and reasonable intent that you intend fill in the remaining 8 plots later, and so if someone comes along and claims a central plot, I’d say that it should be perfectly acceptable to claim the rest of the plots you’d hoped to as soon as you had them available, irrespective of whether that would leave you having plotted all around them. I’d honestly say that if anything, in this scenario the person plotting inside of your small, reasonable box is the only one who is ‘potentially’ griefing, and that’s only if they realised the situation and did it anyway (I have no idea how someone wouldn’t notice, but you can’t discount the idea).

On the other hand, plotting the outline of a 40 x 40 box and expecting that the contained area is yours by default is less reasonable as that’s 1600 plots total, and that is probably going to take a long time for anybody to amass that many plots. If a person could quickly come up with 1600 plots in a reasonable time frame, then could they not have done it first and then plotted out the full area?


just claim what you can, if you want more than you can, then wait until you have enough bevore starting a project.
dont expect others to quess what your plans are.


If plotting around a players base is forbidden, is plotting around entire resources like is going on on Serp not the same as it prevents other players from having access to these resources which effectively limits progression in certain areas of the game. Honestly has a very negative game impact on my game play as a noob. I have coords for examples


This is fair game as it happens for certain rare static resources like some worlds have and a world is a very big place.

Granted the area they have blocked off is large it’s also something multiple people can benefit off and really no different then a large city but instead it’s just underground.

Really the only fix could be if they slow down the resources blocked off like that underground but that would be an entirely new issue.

As certain worlds become more popular this will increase until they move on to others or new higher worlds get released and the demand for the world decreases.

Until then either try other less populated worlds or stake your own claim yourself or with your guild.


Sorry but I completely disagree with you comments. This is not a few plots. I would say this is alittle bigger than a city. A city also has more than 1 person who owns the entire city.

As a player who likes the game it’s a turn off when 1 player has completely claimed the entire base of a mountain and restricts other players access. With a beacon that can be a minimum of 3 weeks!

It’s gettin really bad and there are many other players being turned away from this. Not to mention it actually works against a player economy. Sure it’s a big planet. But more and more players are doing it. They could reduce the time allowed to hold the resources.


That’s why we need to have multiple tier 3, 4, 5, and 6 on up worlds. That’s where a lot of the player population is going. If it’s really an issue that people are claiming on area to then be able to mine out or gather resources from whenever they want then the only solution is to open up new worlds.


I completely agree with you, it would help players like me progress and have fun again and help get control on the economy again. No more empty shops

I just got a message while on SERP that this web socket is closed try another portal… maybe it’s being addressed??? Wishful thinking on my part!


I haven’t seen exactly what is happening on Serp, but I assume you can dig down or come from above.

Resources cannot be locked down in this game really because they will not regenerate in plotted land. So they have to have at least reserved land for regeneration.

For someone to literally lock you out they would have to plot a box around the resource. That would be a VERY large amount of cash to pull of on any level.


That’s what is done I can give coords later when I get home.


If enough people do this it’s very possible as we have seen on serp on other places for certain static resources but they tend to be smaller amounts of plots needed.

In either case it’s a fair tactic and planets are a very big place.

Yes more higher planets are needed but large guild / player owner bases are always a thing in these types of games to build or protect valuable resources.


I think what they might be doing it plotting around a large area at the correct altitude and biome for the resources to regenerate and just hoping to catch the valuable items within the reserved spaces enclosed by the beaconed plots. If you did this enough, you might be able to get sufficient valuable resources to justify the plots.


If this is truly happening with a block of plots to enclose “wild land” then that falls into basically the same issue as when Nature locked down the red gleam.

Two options:

  1. This falls into the griefing context so the players should be held accountable via reporting.
  2. Create a custom location to warp you into the reserved land and mine away. Obviously if it is all stone or no open space then it should then fall under point 1.


Personally, I thought that (Red Gleam incident) was a problem and I am thinking this might be a problem, but with the website promoting “Claim a source of loot or rare resources and citizens will flock from across the universe to trade with you.” The argument can be made this is exactly what they are doing and the developers are good with it.


It makes sense if there is a way to destroy someone’s red gleam outpost and take it for yourselves, but you can’t in Boundless, so the first person to plot it, gets it.


The thing is there are only certain types of static resources, gleam spawn locations or ancient corruption for instance, but in most cases it’s common enough it won’t be issue other then around central hubs.

The case they are talking about on serp is just a large claim around where resources can spawn and over time regenerate but it’s not a issue just yet as it’s a small area compared to the planet as a whole unless more of it happens and they never release higher tier worlds.

In either case people need to try other planets and a lot of the higher tier worlds are very underpopulated , even the other t5 worlds as serp is just the easiest really, or stake your own claim if this becomes enough of an issue for you.


ive been banned due to my name is there anyway i can get unbanned my gamer tag is Pink–Logic on ps4…


It’s all stone, I ran the plotting line


I did this to a few gleam areas… Plots on top, bottom and the center is reserved… built walls a roof, and a door. No one claimed them, they are mine. Now I can easily just every few hours farm it, come back farm it etc… I don’t see an issue with this. It is my land.