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And if anyone desperately needs to get some gleam they can just dig underneath and bump warp up to get in :grinning: that way they have a nice safe environment to work in too.


Isn’t there a beacon mode to disable people from warping into your beacon?

Also, this will work for surface resources, but gems down at near mantle level, they simply wall down to mantle then over the top.


Good point on the beacon warp, haven’t tried it to see if it works in that situation and yes it wouldn’t work if they plot all the way down to the mantle but then once they mine any gems there’s no guarantee they’ll respawn in the same place anyway so that’s a lot of effort doing the plotting in the first place for what potentially could be very little future return.
There’s enough gleam around for everyone plus it always respawns so personally I don’t really see what the benefits are of practices such as that, if everyone did it everywhere would just be littered with boxes all over the surface and aggravation for everyone.


Nah Grey. The way I did mine, you cant dig under it. I did one on each side leaving the center reserved. BUT it is claimed above and under the Gleam mines, so there is no way anyone could get in UNLESS I opened the locked door for them.

It’s a Cube shape, where the gleam is inside the cube. Also Gleam 100% respawn chance.


So there’s no way to mine a tunnel underneath and then do the return to Sanctum bump warp which takes you up to the next safe open area above?


If gleam is not plotted, and there is at least 3 x 3 empty space above the gleam… then anyone, if properly positioned can get there :wink:


There isn’t They spawn in 1 plot*. I get like 50 gleam, per mine. Costs me 8 plots per mine.

You’re welcome to try, shedu is the easiest mine to get too. (PS Old Gateway)


If you be so kind to give coords, I’d try to post a screenshot from inside your gleam mine, deal? :slight_smile:


What’s the coordinates? :grin: … perhaps you can set a request basket for some mud just inside so we can leave you a present :wink:


Don’t need cords, just go to PS Shedu, then the portal to the Old hub. Mine is right past the front door of my base. You can’t miss it, my base engulfs the whole area. Come here, I will show you where it is.


Read above lol, both of you come.


He managed to get in, WP!


If you guys need Shedu Tier gleam, PS Shedu hub has a portal under it leading to a water spawn chunk of about 150. Take some regen bombs and have at it


Would it be against C. O. C if a sign at a portal hub be name after my childhood street? 702 Morningwood Dr, San Marcos tx . Not the whole address just morning wood? I’d like it to read morningwood pier.


It wouldn’t be against CoC precisely, but if it accrued too many reports, it would likely be edited regardless.


Thank you for the quick response


So in the end, GOD decides


That’s where I come in.


Lmaoo. This is a complete sentence my dude


actually this guy has a pretty valid question.