Boundless down ps4?


Can’t connect at all, restarted ps4 a few times.

Am able to get into ps store and PS plus,

But I get.

Invalid auth token

Or connection to game server lost

Anyone else having this issue?


I’m having the same problem too.


I’m not since I’m at work :joy::rofl::thinking::expressionless::persevere::pensive::cry::sob:


Well get back to work then and stop checking Boundless forum! :wink:


yes, its been down since 2pm central time, so says the unofficial boundless server status, is there something going on, there was no notice of maintenance


It is a Psn problem


How come? Other things, including games, work?


There’s another post with others having same issues, seems to be staggered time wise as to when people are being booted out.


But I can get to ps store, and other games work.


looks to be back up


My guess is that the Boundless log in servers are having issues. I was playing the game just fine, then had a game crash and couldn’t log back in…

#12 here says there are some problems


Oops, I’m in.


Got portal sounds but blank screen with objective in top corner


Looks good now


Well, another round of footfall anyone? :wink:

Edit- shameless plug for the first finata footfall tour, get those tokens in I’m off tomorrow!


game is intermittent with connection


I got kicked out and can’t get back in. PS4.


Looks like it was psn, not game severs , footfall didn’t reset


Is it back up?


Yeah, seems fine