Boundless Empires is here! Enjoy The Update Everyone


If the servers go down at 930 UTC, what does the typically maintenance window look like? 30 minutes? an hour? Thanks


Probably at least a couple hours for a big update. They’re not usually an all day thing like other games though.


Something I’m failing to understand is where the decision to use Super-Enriched Bonding Agent requirement came from.

This specific tier of bonding agent isn’t used to make any tools yet, and will presumably be required for the next tool tier, and right now this could be considered the “end-game” bonding agent. So how come new blocks that are not exactly “end-game” require Super-Enriched, instead of say, just regular Enriched Bonding Agent. Edit: My mistake, Super-Enriched does not require shimmering, but I’m still confused. :slight_smile:

In any case, I do look forward to making some of the new blocks, especially marble and mosaic types, I would just like to understand the rationale behind the bonding agent cost. Shadow Orbs are not particularly difficult to get anyway.


I think the point for these new blocks is to make some blocks that aren’t seeing much (or any) use have a point in crafting.

At least, that explains the Super-Enriched and Tangle.

I’d expect the cost will be lowered later on when Super-Enriched has other purposes.


Expensive… But pretty. They’re trying to creatively get rid of shadow orbs that players rarely use. Clever :thinking:


^This. And Ancient Vital Essence that was seldom used.


Yeah don’t forget more common use for gravel, and something to do with mantles.

I thought I had a ton of “useless” essence around but 2 mass craft of super enriched bonding agent took care of that, right away.

Also nobody mentions the features I’m waiting on most lol.

That new build/plot analyzer tool, and the ability remove beacons when you can’t find the ‘hidden’ plots that you accidentally added at some time.

I need both of these.


From 5 minutes to 16 hours like with any update from any company…


i guess they never miss huh?


Out of interest, why the named update and not a number as in the past? I don’t see a connection between what you’re releasing and the word Empires. Is it meant to be a name related to the content or just window dressing?


If you can’t see the connection between guilds forming and the title empires then I really am not sure how to break it down however I assume the names contents are a way to bring more people in and makes it easier for people down the road to remember like “I’ve remember when guilds first formed after the empires update” opposed to “remember update 3!” Just flows better lol


I don’t! I see organisation, chatting, roles, beacon changes, etc. but I don’t see how that relates to making or being an empire? There is no concept of empires in the game except that which we imagine, unless I’m missing something, and I don’t really see how having guild functionality would change that.

Why not just call it Guilds?

Edit: I realise I’m being picky but this image will I presume end up on Steam, where people pooh-pooh the game. Now I think about it giving people another reason to claim there isn’t content that they expected probably isn’t the wisest move.

Edit again: When I saw the thread title I thought they were pulling a huge update out of the ether as a surprise without a testing cycle. The word “empires” implies something huge and in addition to the change from numbering I’d assumed it was like a content pack of other MMOs (you know, a number of quests, a raid, maybe a new class specialism, that kind of size). Not that one should always worry about the audience reaction just seems ill-fitting and perhaps a rod for one’s own back.


Yeah. I like to hunt stuff, find treasure/gems/etc, make things, sometimes build etc. Guild Wars/Empire Wars… :unamused: meh

However, Star Wars :nerd_face: :heart: is awesome


Empire: .
an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly especially an emperor or empress.

So we will have multiple guilds communicating, building under group names in there biggest post launch update.

Nothing wrong with there use of title empire.


Giving it a name comes with some marketing advantages, Boundless Empires Update is more likely to draw people in than Boundless Update xyz


Have we an idea of the minimum down time today?

It seems like quite a big update so expecting it to big relatively long.

Just don’t wanna be checking every 5 mins if it is gonna be midday before we are back (Boundless time):
at the earliest.


For the future though, it will be in place when it really is required and thoroughly tested over time :slight_smile:

personally, I don’t care for it but it’s a step closer to the farming content patch :smiley:


Another “our metrics say xyz block type is stored to much” update, with not needed complicated block recipes, making Things unneeded complex, where it should be a easy to do Thing to craft blocks.
See, we dont Need more complex recipes, we Need recipes that are fun to make and the Outcome worthwhile. Both Targets are missed here, in MY opinion.


And we’re back, that was pretty quick!


We’re back! Enjoy the update folks.

Updated OP to add new Patch Notes link, and Edited title to reflect downtime is over.