Boundless Humour


So, while I’m down in the mines swinging away at rocks or on a far off planet looking for just the right shade of wood for that window frame back home, I tend to start talking. Sometimes to myself, sometimes to the poor wildstock who is trapped in my basement (he wandered in of his own free will I swear), sometimes out loud and usually just in my head.

Every now and then a thought crosses my mind or my lips that gets a little chuckle out of me and just helps break up the sometime monotonous work that has to be done every now and again.

I propose that anyone who has similar moments of boundless-related humour, funnies, weirds or puns put them down here so that others may also be kept company by our crazy silent rants in the dark hours of the grind:)


First one - What do you call a hopper with two bad knees?



When your poor Oort has been single for way too longhand lost

Release 190 - Report issue here
A simple craft-all function

you made my day with this one :joy:


With the forge upcoming, I’d like to think that we could imbue a slingbow with the power of ACME ™. An item that has the potential to kill any roadrunner with just one shot… but like a 90% probability to damage the user on activation (and 50% chance of not firing when you click the button).

Ps, not a serious suggestion.


double the deadly effects if user name happens to be Wile E. Coyote

(or if the user is of canine race - if such enters the game)


This whole chisel debate has me riveted.




Prome3us strikes again with their puns omg haha. A word of advice though, pull a friend with you and chat/talk your time away. I do this with @Lawrizze and it adds some social aspect to the tedious work, making it more enjoyable :D.


My fiance and I play together - same room even if different planets. Makes a big difference have to agree. Also, wave at people you often see ingame :wink:


oh my god hahahahaha xDD


If i spent my time waving in the capitol id still be there waving like a wacky waving inflatable arm tube man :joy::joy::joy:


at least make an effort man… do cartwheels or something :rofl:


I should turn off continuous chat so I can run into a crowd of players and hit /wave and then spin my mouse really fast so I wave at everybody.


Linked this comment here, because it turned me on.


Honorary mention:


I dug myself out of a mountain and was happily running home to deposit my goodies. The sky was clear, the wind was blowing the grass gently and my attitude was wonderful. Then I fell into a hole and to my death. What just happened?? I sat at my computer for a few minutes just looking at my corpse spin slowly. Then I started to laugh, then curse, then laugh some more. It was funny, because I had been so happy, so satisfied with myself. Running through the countryside filled with joy and then SPLAT. hahahah


Perfect timing for some stock footage by @Lynxdragon on this post…

Does anyone use heavyweight projectile?