Boundless in the Totally Digital Sale (PS4 EU)


Hello all,

Some good news for those of you in Europe waiting to jump into Boundless on PS4 - we’re in the Totally Digital Sale for the next few weeks (ends 12th June)

We’re at 33% off on the base game here

And 34% on the DDE here;

Spread the word folks, and keep on being awesome to any new neighbours you might gain over the next few weeks!



Now would also be an excellent time to add the DDE upgrade to the PSN store!! :wink:

Any news on progress?


We’re working on it - as soon as it’s available I’ll make some noise for sure!


Excellent news, already retweeted!! :slight_smile: I’m really trying to promote Boundless to my followers, I know a few are very close or tempted. If this were US, I’d be pretty certain of at least one buyer (and I’d have a new neighbor, haha).


Since you’re here and discussing upgrades; does the plot bonus % from the digital deluxe edition on steam stack with pre-release backer tier plot % bonus?


yes it does


Give us an update and increase our morale :heart_eyes:


That’s it, now I finally have a reason to go buy a ps4! …for my kids, of course. :wink:


Can we get Developer verification of that the Deluxe will stack on top (give an additional %) over and above the founder pack bonus I already have? THAT would entice me to buy it…for sure!!! I am on the PC platform


You can’t craft the golden fist? I always assumed you already had the deluxe since your extra plot percentage is already quite high?


yeah No…175% plot percentage and No golden fists lol … BUT if the Deluxe will give me an additional 10% I am totally on board!


It stacks. Go for it.

(But only additively. So you would have 185% in the end.)


How does one get 175% more plots? :thinking: I would love to have that. I do have the 10% from deluxe.


you cant get that anymore. Poeple who have it are from the beta and payed alot ^^


Damn. I want more plots :expressionless:




How do I become a backer for the Farming patch? :thinking:


You could spend the thousand bucks on cubits. :tada:


1k bucks only gives me 4500-5000 plots. With 175 / 185% or whatever I would get more plots but also a lot more in the future. But 1k is big money tho :<


It’s basically a 83.34/month subscription!