Boundless Malls. Questions

Which malls do you see most active?
How many malls are there and best location to get to them?
Do you have a preferred mall? If so why?

I ask some of this due to finding many mall portals closed.

I usually use DK’s due to being spoiled by a map… I know… I am a horrible creature of habit, but I want to see more of them and throw resources or what coin I have back into the community. :smiley:

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Gyosha mall is my go-to. Dk mall On tana and naughty mall in trior are pretty good too.


Yep Gyosha, Dk mall and Naughty mall and iconic mall I see most active


Nova Golda Market on Trung…


Top 3 in order of priority for me:

  1. DK Mall on Tana.
  2. Gyosha Mall on Gyosha Ophin.
  3. Iconic Mall on Biitula.
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My Top 3


DK Mall

Its not so big, very compact, and pretty organised. I cannot find everything there but it’s a good experience. You don’t need to contact anyone for a spot in the mall (unless its an expansion area you want to make a shop in.) If you want to find the creator, its @DKPuncherello


Gyosha mall

It’s a little unorganised. But it’s compact and I can find a lot of things there!
You probably need to contact someone because there’s a large waiting line for people with shops. @HOST and @majorvex reserve plots there.


Naughty Mall

It’s a little long and put all into a single strip. I find cheap things that i probably wouldn’t find in other malls but it isn’t my Go-To mall. There are a lot of open plots. The mall is run by @ginabean


Gyosha Mall is my go to if I need something. If i can’t find it there I head on over to Naughty Mall. Both great malls with great people. I just make it if I can’t find it at either of those locations.


Nova Golda and Gyosha are the only two I use and I always find what I look for.



But I only use those when I don’t feel like walking. Usually I go to whatever shop has the item I want the cheapest and I go to each planet to see the prices and find it.

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Same for me, and will likely be even more travel once B.U.T.T. is autoscan capable


yes true, I use scanner to look for good prices and might buy in some individual no-mall shops, but the two malls I mentioned are in top price results in the scanner anyway (most of the time).

And for goods I know they have good price for, I simply go to the same spots in the malls without scanning - just shopping like regular customer, returning to the same trusted stands.

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I haven’t used the scan once yet lol I like getting lost still seeing all the Beautiful builds in malls etc


I’ve found a lot of wonderful places outside of the malls I would have never seen if it wasn’t for the shop scanner. The mall shops dont change much so it’s nice to see new things. Not to mention the builds I see on my walk. :blush: I’m sure those places appreciate the ff too.

But when I’m a time constraint, I’m glad the malls are there.


As a mall owner, I always search Naughty Mall first… if I don’t find what I’m looking for I go to DK’s and Gyosha, equally.

By the way, Naughty Mall is expanding… new Purple Hall… right by the Harbor. Thank you @BabyCookie for making the Purple Hall the purpleist :cookie: in the Oortverse!

Come check it out!


When using the shop scanner and even the in game search I have been running into a lot of locked doors or areas that I can not access.

Though I agree. Some of the places I have stumbled upon during my traveling across worlds were gorgeous.

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If you come across a shop stand that showed up in the list & you cannot access it, please report it. It’s against the rules.

It may be that a player forgot to turn off discovery on the beacon/stand, but there are cases where action needs to be taken. If you report it, a dev can check it out.



I usually go to iLL and DKs if I can’t find it there I get lost at gyosha while running without direction lol

1- DK
2- Gyosha
3- iLLu

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I feel I need a big ad campaign!

You need to restock the speed hammers :rofl:
Also Coin Converter is alone a good reason to go Nova Golda