Boundless MEMES Megathread

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Did you say Blink? Where?





Hehe! Blink, Umbris, another Rift… I’ll take any, I’m not picky, just want a weekend T7 to tear apart! :wink:


… We got an Umbris exo, so I’ll leave this in here - I made Sad Toddler Face :pleading_face: the other week so now I’ll put out Grateful Toddler here- :wink:


Weekend just not a weekend without exo goodies!! :smiley: Thanks devs!


My first encounter with a cuttletrunk


they just wont let go of you xD


release the grapple next time


I’m on phone and old so changing memes isn’t my thing. But my “vision” is… what I think I look like coming out the water with my grapple. What I really look like.


did you actually go pose in the water with a rake for this one?


stupid me before mining gathering trading shopping





reaching the point off a buildproject when you thought you done


This is how you avoid bridging settlements :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve done a few. Figured I’d slow release them.