Boundless Meteor League - Wednesdays at 7pm EST - 900 Oort Stone

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Good we wont be alone. See you all soon :blush:


Yeah! We’ll be interested to see how the changes will affect the meteors.

Hopefully a few other guilds will make an appearance. I mean, Legends have to fight to keep their title, right?


This isnt a title match.

But they will have to fight


Mr Mittens how many teams are signed up?

I hope exo worlds dont effect it.


So far only 2 teams have reserved a spot.

The Golden fist

I’ll be posting in some discord channels tonight to recruit teams. But I am worried how much EXO worlds will hinder the match. Legends is out and leading expeditions on Exo worlds. I think someday using exo worlds, and high tie’rd planets, and different goals, these matches can get very interesting.

Imagine an organised scavenger hunt on an EXO world against several teams and the team to collect the most gleam and brings it back wins it all…? Sometimes you will be collecting all the gleam hotspot by yourself, and others there might be 3 of your hurrying to collect the other guys gleam…

Or for sure eventually Exo hunts… Currently The leage needs to gain a little more public media traction for enough people to be interested to pull several teams. But progression of these matches goes as follows:

Tier 3 planets for now with small teams.
First progression will be T4, then T5, then T6 planets.
Next will be larger teams, teams of 5, and 10 on lower tier planets
next will be Large teams on High Tier Planets
Eventually Exo planets depending on how many spawn at a time.

And special events in between for experiments.

Sorry for rambling…


Yeah, I think the patch ended up being at an inopportune moment. Do meteors fall on exoplanets too?

That being said, it IS only an hour, so it’s not that much out of the exoplanet schedule.


And the show MUST GO ON!

Likely all the oort will go towards the winner


Yeah, if you build it, they will come and all that right?

I’m excited and hope to be some good competition for Iconic! We’ve got our gold fists all ready, already!


Match starts 3 hours from now!


Woot! I’m excited! Let’s hear some enthusiasm!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaa…aaaaaaay :slight_smile:


I want to hear you from here!


Congratulations to The GOLDEN FIST (Right fist) for winning todays Meteor Hunt!!!

Tackling 19 Meteors with such ferocity as only a Fist of Gold can produce and collecting 349 Oort but walking home with 712 Oort! (That the total turned in.)

Way to go!! Maybe a Gold fist forged by the fist masters is worth a purchase? It worked for them…Go Buy One!


Congratz Golden Fist. Thank you all and Mittens another great time. Maybe I will check out these fist sometim :slight_smile:


We do have a store up right there at the arena.
Or you can visit our main shop on Imdaari. PS Hub on Grovidas Te. Amongst a lot of others too!

We all had a really good time! Can’t wait for the next one! Iconic looked so cool up on their podium!


lol Thanks you all looked pretty cool yourselves with all those golden fist.


Next Meteor Match Wednesday!!!

Going to set Wednesday as the regularly scheduled time for these matches.


To late for me. I get up super early for work.


As long as you’re game for the next title match!


Looking for teams for this Wednesday!!

P.S. Game of Thrones had Soooo many payoffs in this first episode. Im so geeked :))))