Boundless now self published on Steam

few is not a few

nice chart though :grin:

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I like the chart I was like a week til we heard something XD I just love seeing James-cham respond

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btw - it wasn’t a few in james’ post, so…
it sounds more like famous soon™ :rofl:

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Coming weeks I figured the 2 weeks after the post xD


I just simply want a solution. When it causes us to lose players it is an issue. When an area of 400 plots has been totally void of anything for over a year or two, it’s time to let it go and let someone that actually will build there. build there.

In regard to the time frame of the “coming weeks”…

In development you learn to never say a solid date so that people don’t get upset or hold you to that date. As is the case with this, coming weeks will allow the people that love the game and always defend it to simply point out something is “Coming” and the other side to point out that “Coming weeks” shouldn’t be a month or more.

Either way I’ll play the game and wait for something… I’ll expect it by the end of the year or so. (but hopefully I’m proven wrong).

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can’t wait to see what happen, I have been playing minecraft lately, and boundless is sooo better lol I just want to see a patch each few months would be nice


i just wanted to chime in and say i bought this game when i was 14… i’m 21 now and i still check the forum from time to time even though i’m extremely disappointed in how things have been going. i truly hope these “exciting news” have some kind of substance


i sorta expected this to happen since SE has been selling off it’s game portfolio ip’s recently so that they can focus on Blockchain.

Wiki snippet:

On May 1, 2022, Square Enix announced that it would sell several assets of their Square Enix Europe subsidiary to the Swedish holding company Embracer Group for $300 million. This included studios Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montréal, and Square Enix Montreal, IPs Deus Ex , Legacy of Kain , Thief and Tomb Raider and rights to “over 50 games”.


I’m actually pretty hyped. I keep having a look at the forums hoping for updates and happened to look at it just when the post appeared.
Having two kids by now I got even less spare time than before but I’m pretty sure I’d return to the game as soon as the patch with the new weapons drops and some more clear news about the future development.
I really enjoyed the game and I’m pretty sure I had continued doing so (even with my limited time) if it didn’t feel that dead and because of the negativity due to the announced patch that didn’t make its release back then.


Sooo any news yet boop

Not that I’ve seen, not even the minor update that removes the splash screen.

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Well It’s been a while since I’ve been active but I still have hope for the game and I will patiently wait for whatever news you guys have for us in the near future.


fully agree with you. haven’t really looked at the games news for months because I kind of got to a point where I felt like it wasn’t worth it since there was never any updates, guess you could say I gave up on the game. But now, I’m back to checking daily the forums and the new posts in hopes of news on the future and hoping that there is some large patch, update, etc coming down the pipe to bring new people into the game along with existing people back to the game. my wife and kids aren’t as excited and looking forward to this as me, but they tend to be less excited about things till they truly drop. I’m confident (hoping) that news comes soon and it’s something exciting enough to bring myself, my kids, wife, friends, all back. Also started a new job and i’m sure I can bring a few people from there if it’s something large enough coming back the pipe. Only time will tell, (no pressure or anything Dev! … lol)


Updated the original announcement with:


So @james we are eagerly awaiting for news in regards to boundless and what it’s future holds.


My startup screen has received an update :+1: :+1:
Nice …
… But why didn’t DEV-HQ change the date right away.
2014 -2020 !!! :wink:


Hopefully get some info soon


There weren’t any changes or additions to copyrighted material, so that date range still accurately represents the “first publish date” range of the software.

To express a different way, removing a logo isn’t copyrightable, so it doesn’t have an impact on when any part of the software will enter public domain.


I think it’s just a visual thing that people notice. It shouts to players and potential players that nothing has been changed or updated since the last copyright date (same with the website 2014-2018). You’re right - it doesn’t have any effect on the software and little details like that aren’t a priority. The priority would definitely be changes and/or updates.

Seeing the broken links and things on the website makes me want to jump in and fix it real quick lol. Same with Steam - there are a few little things that need to be done. None of it has anything to do with gameplay though.