Boundless Omega at dzassak

What do you mean by this?

It’s not entirely clear to me what you mean. Just thinking out loud here but is it that you have to much to do to make the shop happen? People aren’t buying? Whatever it is if its game related i’m sure there are people out there willing to help, including me.

i think what he mean is that a lot of the ressources spawning locations are either reserved or blocked by players. Thus he have a hard time to farm them to refill his shop.


oooh i was not aware that these things were happening. Haven’t encountered it yet.

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In the early days people were blocking off large chunks of the planets, such as a wall, ceiling and floor around gems and rare resources - so they essentially had those gem spawns to themselves.

Then there are unintentional cases where people place their builds near or on rare resource spawn points, essentially delaying respawns due to activity in the area.

The most malicious cases, but thankfully rare, are the people who just plot the resources so that nobody can have them - themselves included.

I unfortunately don’t see an immediate solution to this. The developers could step in and assess on a case by case basis, but as popularity grows this method becomes harder and harder to enforce. It isn’t really a long term solution. My only suggestion would be to increase the number of exo planet spawns.


new community project online…

started to build a community hub with portals to:

all gem locations

all metall locations

gleam farm spot 4 xp & refinance part

comming soon :

own player, city & hub portals…
methamorphic farm spots… etc…

it was / is a lot of work… so i need a bit more time to finish everything…

you know a better farm spot?

you intrested? want to be a part of it?

you want to link your farm?

just send a pm…


Nice idea with a big Hub of Farming Spots

What is needed to Help you ?

Is your shop now beeing closed ?

Or less wares ?

all i want to say is


cant close my shop while im having so much honestly regular costumers, supporters and positive feedbacks…

that keeps me going on cause that feels more like a family than like a community <3




Message me Please !!!

We need to talk !!!

no more reachable via portal seeker hub lamblis
use the other hubs to visit my shop pls thx


Hang in there we love you man! Let me know if I can do anything to help :blush:

no im all right…

they dont pm me… they write it on the portal shield… didnt realize until some1 told me… nice pr 4 me…
they dont answer my pms, they dont contact me directly personaly, so… theres enough other hubs…

they dont realize that im in a very big renovation… second portal is without footfall trap, just saying, plottet by 1 char…
its only a short cut 4 costumers that they dont have to cross my construction side… wake up, under my shop is lava guys, if there are holes left…

anyway…new (old) community project is back…

special thx @Turrican2006


new shop only reachable by walking :slight_smile:

that means via every hub!!!



Your new place is coming along nicely ,i am glad your still helping the lower level players.Infact today i showed a new player your new place.They will contact you if they need help.They lov your place .Im sure theyll beam by to visit.Im loving your tunnel design its wicked,ie fabulous !!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


awwww, nice one <3
first buildings grown around me xd
thx 4 showing them that place

have a nice day…


Yeah thats good :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Need more Things for the new Players ?
Or is that what i ve spent already Out ?

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full storages :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Good hopeninig more will settled around you


close and delete pls


Closed at the request of OP