Boundless on Nintendo Switch?


Well how about it? This game on the Switch system? amazing. devs?

Bring Boundless to Nintendo Switch

Unlikely to see Boundless on any system other than PC and PS4 for some while. Not only does it take a tremendous effort to port a game to a console like PS4, but a brand new system like the switch, with it’s wacky switching feature? I’d call that highly unlikely.


Boundless will be a PS4 console exclusive when launched.

Beyond this we’d love to explore supporting more platforms.


I mean it seems easier to port to than the Wii U, since it is the same game on the handheld screen or on the TV, just different quality levels. Basically max settings when docked, and min settings when on the go.


so any possibility of a xbox launch? just wondering because of sony etc


When you say console you mean console and PC correct?


yes console exclusive generally means out of the consoles available it will be only there


I kinda figured but I am not up to snuff on my terminologies.


the problem is: contracts. nothing else. i get it @james , you’ll try. thanks for the response


Yeah it’s just contracts unfortunately. Hopefully turbulenz are smart and haven’t given Sony much longer than 6 months exclusivity. If you check out turbulenz’s engine you’ll realise this game is incredibly easy to port across the board. Just depends if they sold their soul to Sony or not :wink:


Whoah, hey if anybody else is doing buisness in souls around here but me, I should know about it! :angry: :shard:


In this comunity we support a free soul market, if you want to aquire a monopoly you can leave, the door is that way :arrow_down:





Pluss with Nintendo you can not really play multiplayer on the Internet but only play local multiplayer Wich is split screen on the TV and boundless is an only online game so I do not think they would put it on the Nintendo switch because you can only play games offline.

Boundless could be on other consoles in the future

  • Steam machine
  • Xbox one
  • And others


Nintendo claims to have made it easier for 3rd party developers and it is looking to be a great console/tablet hybrid.

I’d love to see Boundless make a Nintendo Switch version! Anyone else?


Behold your answer.

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Thanks Thorbjorn42gbf. I had started a new topic because I saw that this one was over a month old with irrelevant and negative responses.

Yes shadowelit7, the Switch will allow online multiplayer;

james, Boundless doesn’t have to be a PS4 exclusive. Developers have pulled out of agreements before, and why would you limit yourself to one console? Surely it could be released a few months later on any other console if you are forced to make it a PS4 exclusive launch. :slight_smile:

Havok40k, what does the “wacky switching feature” have to do with the ability to port Boundless or play the game? If anything, it allows people to take the game on the go with them and play it on their TV. Try doing that with the PS4 or Xbox One. I am sold on the portability for myself and for the kids. Quiet back seat on road trips and gaming away from home…

I suggest bringing it to Nintendo Switch because I think Boundless is awesome and I think the Nintendo Switch will sell well. Keep an open mind and see how the Switch does. :slight_smile:


Kinda comes with getting money from sony though…

Thats like amazon suddenly deciding not to send you that game you just payed for.


Yeah, there would be consequences I’m sure, but I seem to remember a developer doing this recently…everything is negotiable. Maybe Nintendo would pay something too. :wink:

Or maybe Nintendo will someday be a 3rd party developer so we can play Mario and Zelda games on the PS5!

I’ll keep dreaming…


Boundless is Console Exclusive for now. That means it’s exclusive for PS4 and PC. I think it won’t come to Switch or Xbox in the near future, maybe never. There are contracts for this. Maybe this is only for 1 year after release. Maybe forever. Just the Devs know.

And I hardly believe that it’s possible to play on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC in the same universe.


Hope Xbox is one of these :slight_smile: