Boundless on Nintendo Switch?


I mean, if you read it it gives evidence, but ignorance is bless.

Edit: It’s also bliss lmao


Not dumb, but misinformed as many people are.


Kudos! Always good to recognise one’s own faults! :stuck_out_tongue:


as far as i know, boundless is using turbulenz, and this is an html5 / webgl thing.
no need to rewrite for a linux port.
at all porting to linux does not ever mean “rewrite the engine” specially not with openGL.
if the stuff is well separated then tbh there is nothing to rewrite engine wise, besides of some file readers for models or textures.


I’m happy that you did. You may have been informed about many matters, but this one you are not.


LOL, yeah, clearly :slight_smile:

Go play with your mighty fantastic game industry saving PC but don’t spout nonsense that you have zero proof of, and no, that website is not providing proof of any kind, it’s just spouting ideas and opinions just like you, parotting each other with this nonsense is not going to help sway people away from their beloved consoles.

Why is it so hard to believe that consoles have a function, fulfill a need for many people out there, and no, it has nothing whatsoever to do with not knowing any better. Like I said before I gamed on PC in the past, just am not a fan of it and prefer consoles. I’m not the only one that does.
Besides that, many people can’t afford high end gaming PC’s and don’t upgrade as often as you probably do. For them too consoles are a convenient way to still play the recent games.

As for the ridiculous list of why things are better on PC, well, number of exclusives? Really? And then listing games from '96? Hilarious! And if the amount of games is so great then why the darn port begging for Xbox/Sony exclusives? Doesn’t make a lick of sense!

Again, and now for the last time, I would not be playing Boundless if it wasn’t available on PS4. I would not buy a PC to just game on when consoles would disappear (which is a ridiculous notion anyways) so am 100% positive that consoles disappearing would be bad for the game industry and not good. You think otherwise, so be it, let it rest, this doesn’t belong here the same way that a discussion about religion doesn’t belong here either.

Good day and have fun playing Boundless!


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Where’s the slander? Where’s the misinformation? Who is attacking who here and calling me stupid? It isn’t me, that’s for sure.

LOL, no, I haven’t seen one single petition for a PC exclusive to come to PS4. If a company wants to have a lot more sales they port to the consoles, if they don’t want to or the game is technically way too tied to Windows then they don’t.

For the live of me I can’t seem to remember the last time people got upset about some fabled ‘PC exclusive’. If I really cared I would ask for your evidence, but I don’t care all that much either way, so don’t bother.

And I am the one spreading misinformation? You are hilarious!

But that’s the thing, how many people who play games also have $1100 to spend on a gaming device? Plenty do, yes, many do not, so consoles is for that group a great alternative.

In the past 2-2.5 years we were still in the same console generation. I paid 400 for my PS4, then exchanged it for a PS4 Pro, making the total cost after FOUR years 600,-
If next year the PS5 comes out I will again exchange it for a cost of around 200,- and be good for several more years. The yearly subscription you talk about is only needed if you want to play online, many do, so ok, that was 50,- a year, is now 60,-

But we talk about the past 2-2.5 years, in that time I upgraded my console for 200,- and spend 60,- twice for each year. Grand total of 420,- Yet you seem to think 1100,- is the cheaper deal? A PC which you will want to upgrade next year I’m sure, probably costing you more than 200,- I will pay to upgrade my console.

and yes, I’ve built PC’s and I don’t find it all that much fun anymore, but hey, you can let others build it for you.

Fact remains I want to separate my gaming device from my desktop, I also do not want to have to use Windows as my main OS and then certainly do not want to keep rebooting the darn thing. With that in mind the whole ‘but a PC can do so much more!’ goes right out the window for me since I don’t care about that one bit!

Old games are fun, have oodles of old games on CD/DVD, going back to the late 70’s/early 80’s, I love emulation, I even ported some and changed chunks of several, but I can already play them, on my desktop machine, which I don’t do either, so why is this a positive again?

Nah, that’s another misunderstood thing. Sony make these games exclusively for the PS range of conoles so they can sell more consoles and yes, subscriptions, if they ported all their games to PC they will lose that. Besides, those studios exist to give the PS consoles something other platforms do not have, if that stops being a thing, the studios will be sold or simply closed. THEY are not losing money over it. YOU are losing some quality games tho by not buying a console for those games…

yeah, I know, I probably would figure out a way to play games, then again, if MS would remove DirectX and prevent games from running (yes, silly idea, but so is console companies stopping with making consoles and porting their games to PC) you would also then go buy a console, so you also should not be delusional!

Anyways, this is now my final reply, don’t want to go further off-topic…


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And this here is an example of the rather annoying elitist pc master racers who cant think for themselves anymore and when confronted start to insult you. I feel sorry for you. Ah well, I tried.


And this may also be the point that the thread is shut down, not only for going way off topic but also that it’s starting to become an unwinnable argument with name calling and labelling, where all that was required was to agree to disagree and move on.