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Isn’t crafting xp limited more by how fast you can gather resources than machines?

Most people using machines for xp have hundreds of them all running at once.

There’s no reason to reduce crafting xp. The bottle neck is gathering and mining speed because you can always make more machines to process rock.


If by rebalance you mean remove the crafting XP and crafting times then personally I’d prefer it to stay as it is. Not everyone has forged gem hammers to tear through mountains to get XP.


I’m good with whatever ya’ll decide to do. :+1:

Most of the MMOs I play don’t have timers on crafting. The focus is on leveling/skilling up your character so that you can get/make things. So noobs will still have to work a bit to be able to make certain machines, items, etc — as it should be. Whether crafting is instant or not, shouldn’t have any effect on XP. You should receive XP for everything you do.

With T7+ planets, I’ll assume we’re going to get higher tier mats & can make higher level tools/machines. Therefore, I would assume that you might raise the character max level at some point.


I am always okay with what your team comes up with, even if is some minor tweaks, or if you find that is fine the way it is. I mentioned the forge because it already takes time for forge something, then you gotta wait for it, trunks are harder to get than rocks (which seemed justified to me when decor wood had higher prestige than their rock counterparts) but there is no XP for timber or higher prestige. Those are just my two cents to an on going conversations.

Edit: I don’t really mind about overall crafting times or XP specially once you add coils to all your machines and the timer goes down. I can’t speak for lower levels anymore personally I am okay with everything else but those two items I mentioned stick out to me.


I think if crafting times are reduced (which would be great!) Then it would be acceptable for the amount of exp to be decreased as well. However there should be ways to to gain experience and coin for that matter through all play styles.

I have seen a lot of people mentioning there should be more ways to get coin than just footfall and I agree with that.

Adding exp to meteors recently was a great move imo


I really don’t understand any need to change XP. Too much XP is not the issue, lol. If craft times are too long, and I’d agree that they are (not in all cases, I really think stone and refined stone crafting is about perfect.) reducing the XP doesn’t balance anything, it just creates a new problem.

In other words, for the amount of XP you are getting, the crafting times are too long. XP doesn’t need a balance.

Frankly I’m okay with it as is. I’d just focus on instant craft on single, non-gem tools to help noobs and see how that goes.


I know people are going to hate me for saying this but I am in full support of the change in timers and xp otherwise lower timers with the same xp could mean a character could be lv1-50 in a day. So yes please drastically reduce these timers so we can make and play with stuff faster.


I get 1 level per t6 hunt which lasts about an hour also the crazy xp we got from crafting tables just ruins progression.


It doesn’t ruin progression. The game starts at 50.


Don’t be silly. You don’t even need to be lvl 50 to do everything.


Lol a real fear :slight_smile:


How is this any different than those that have created XP farms from all the rocks they got from mining? Even with the current crafting times it wasn’t enough to stop players from finding a way to do it. So whether they wait 5 hours or get it instantly, they still are getting the XP.

If you’re worried about XP gain being too quick, then cut the crafting XP to 25% of what it is and buff gathering XP gained by 75%. Just offload the XP gain some where else in the game.

The only concern I can see with gaining too much experience too quickly is the free cubits obtained per level past level 50. So someone who can hollow out half a world by themselves with their T6 uber hammers would probably be swimming in free cubits. But on the other hand, if someone is playing that much to level up off crafting and gathering, I think that’s a positive thing. They’re still playing the game and most likely are doing a lot of other things besides crafting and gathering. I strongly believe it’s about the whole picture and package here.

Crafting XP is limited to what you have in crafting materials. You can’t balance this game based on people who can hollow out large sections of a world by themselves. I would worry about balancing that aspect of the game later on after things look great across early and mid gameplay.

I seriously doubt there’s anyone that has bought this game and think they’re solely going to have a 100% crafting experience. That’s not really possible unless you have a shop that can readily buy and sell stuff so you can keep that gaming experience going. That takes active playing and a lot of setup to do and chances are there aren’t a lot of folks who are doing that.

I say get rid of crafting times on single crafts, put 30 minutes on all bulk crafts, and 1 hour on mass crafts as per someone else’s suggestion. I do think that is the best middle ground for crafting times.

Also, thank you @james for internally discussing it with the team. I do appreciate it a lot. I do hope you and the team don’t feel like you guys were pressured into talking about it.


Where are you guys getting 30 and one hour? That is insanely high.

Masscrafting iron hammers right now is only 11 minutes. Why would you increase it to an hour?

If you are adjusting the times, nothing should be more than 30 minutes.

And, no. This requires no XP nerf.


As per someone else’s suggestion. If you’ve actually been following the entire discussion you’d know I want zero crafting times.

It’s called a compromise. We, as players, won’t always get something the way we want. Same for the devs if they want enough of us to stick around or if they want to attract new players.

I personally think crafting times ruin video games that aren’t strategy games.


That’s not really my question.

Why would a compromise make the times longer? 30/60 is so much longer than what we have now, which is 5/11-ish.

Unless I’m missing something in what you are saying.

I still say they should touch nothing but single crafts of non-gem tools, and make them instant. The goal here was to make things easier for noobs. If that is successful, then we can talk about the other times.


And i was thinking how people start wanting more end-game stuff because they have nothing to do. Not saying crafting times are a good filler that should be there instead of quality content but whats the satisfaction in instantly crafting timber and marble all the same? I find some satisfaction in planning for and in switching between different things to do while my items are being crafted but that’s only me.


The suggestion was made mostly to normalize crafting times of bulk and mass craft.

I’d have to search the thread to find out who suggested it to direct you towards that person with that kind of question.


To me there is no satisfaction or sense of achievement in the act of crafting at all. There might be some sense of achievement or satisfaction is in getting the right materials in order to craft. After that crafting is following a recipe and pressing the button. So you load up your machines with materials, press the buttons and log off. . kinda boring to me actually. That is probably why some players have asked for better ways to load the machines and que the recipes.


If nothing at all changes except crafting is 75% less time, the only change that’s going to occur is people won’t have to build miles of crafting tables.

If anything, it’ll reduce the load on the servers by reducing the amount of machines used by players.

There’s no limit to the number of machines you can set up with enough plots, but there is a hard limit on how fast you can harvest resources.


only downside i see from no crafting times, is a guild will only need one machine of every type to do everything same solo players. Would not need to make a workshop anymore with multiple machines. Sounds a bit odd to me.

But i do agree crafting times are too long.