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I enjoy having a stupid big workshop.


I toured @xElxDiablo’s shop.

I now have shop envy.


The thought process is most things would benefit from streamline timers across the board. So people can get the items right away with instant single craft but for the bulk and mass craft you are getting a mat discount so a timer would be applied. The power coils decrease crafting times so if implemented correctly it would reduce the 30min and 1 hour timers based on how many coils you have on your machine. I know some items would have to have some sort of exception because they have small timers already and players wouldn’t want to see them get tripled so maybe they would get scaled differently. However with the use of power coils you should be rewarded for the more you have attached to your machine the lower the timers go. How any of this would effect the crafting table it probably wouldn’t but for everything else it could improve are timers drastically while allowing new players to instantly craft there first tool blocks exc. so they can play the game a bit more instead of waiting around. This is my thought process but clearly is not everyone else’s


Hmm the designers’ XP argument isn’t making much sense to me. Here’s two recipes currently in the game:

Mass Stone (50)
100 xp
250 sec duration
input: 18 rocks
= 2.5 sec/xp

Mass Titanium Alloy (50)
750 xp
3000 sec duration
input: 36 titanium ore, 72 silver/gold ore
= 4 sec/xp

Rock is the most common material in the game but it generates XP more efficiently than Titanium Alloy, a high level recipe using the highest level metal in the game. I can’t really think of any reason why this would be the case other than there is little to no relationship between XP and duration for recipes.

When you consider that the rock input is only 18 items (2 blindfolded swings of an AoE hammer in a quarter of a second), vs 108 T4+ ore that must be hunted, it’s even more broken looking.

I think the craft times should only be reduced for single crafts, but I can’t pass up a good opportunity to point out how absurd xp from stone is!


I think you more pointed out how absurd the small amount of xp you get for something you put a lot more time/work/resources into. Just proves every crafting recipe should be looked into.

That’s how I took that as, anyway. :wink:

Good sleuth-work!


So from what I’m reading here this could be just another poke in the eye for the average player, because certain players have been levelling faster than the Devs intended the decision could be made to punish everyone. None of my alts are level 50 yet so for someone like me the progression is going to take even longer. I’m very happy that those who are lucky enough to participate in t6 hunts and have uber forged gear and already have all their alts fully leveled with multiple skill pages won’t be affected too much but so long as the rest of us plebs are kept in check I guess that’s ok.


If you’re referring to the XP from crafting rock, I think you don’t nerf the XP you just move it to another action. I would award it on a hammer swing that breaks any number of rocks. That way you get the XP right away.

It also closes a few loopholes. Awarding it on the hammer swing and not the block broken means AoE tools don’t gather XP at 9x the rate of unforged tools. If you want teaching pie to affect it you now have to choose between that and persisting pie while out in the field. You can’t prolong the teaching pie timer to days or weeks by hiding in sanctum while crafting happens. You can no longer reliably buy/sell rocks as XP, which means there’s no longer a good way to convert coins into cubits.

Game would be better off IMO. Newbies and casual players will gain XP quicker too but without the buff applying to end game players.


This is why leveling shouldn’t be extended or slowed. Any adjustments to XP should reflect how much more fun the game is at 50. The difference in performance between a level 30 and 50 is massive. Part of this is “essential” skills like durability drain reduction and environmental protection - things that should be attached to armor or accessories rather than a skill set. Same with “tanking” skills.

This isn’t to advocate for a “one character can do everything” mantra, but instead give everyone a base assumption that they can at least survive, and then offer builds that emphasize specialization. Right now to survive you need to double down hard.


Totally undersrandable.


I know exactly what you mean, in early access it wasn’t until I got a level 50 character that I felt like I could really start enjoying the game rather than just jumping through hoops on a treadmill. For those that don’t have the luxury of being able to play fulltime every hour counts to try and make some semblance of progress. I can only assume that people like myself in terms of online time being limited are in the minority as I’m guessing the Devs would try to cater to the largest demographic.


If there are no more crafting times I will have no use whatsoever for like 75% of all my machines and coils. Why then have more than 1 of each machine when everything is instantly crafted? Totally not needed. I wouldn’t need to pre-craft items at all anymore, would solve somes storage issues.

And what about XP from crafting? Sure, lemme go grab 10k rock real quick, I stuff 'm in machines and have the XP RIGHT AWAY!

Yeah no, not going to happen, people asking for this aren’t thinking it through…

Tho, have to admit, some crafting times are way off, timewise, like essence for instance, which could use perhaps some adjustment but for all we know it’s part of a big balancing structure we can’t see…


I have a dedicated crafter alt, 3 skillsets, can craft everything in the game, for now (am sure it will change when Rift, etc. are introduced and we need a higher level in tool making), also has all the forging skills. I have no idea how I would be able to do that on another character, at all, without spending a lot of skill reset points. Doing it like that seems way more masochistic to me :smiley:

Mining with a fast brew and a 3x3 is not just a few clicks? I feel it’s the same way, then again I do see mining as a much easier to do activity to gain XP than the rock to stones crafting…


If this is going to be introduced I have a ton of coils for sale!


Just make crafting not a profession and put the xp to other stuff


I think some of the early game single crafting times need a bit of tweaking (as others have mentioned) so that they take less time to make (and possibly offer less XP due to the reduced times).

I saw a couple of reviews that popped up during the free weekend that specifically mentioned crafting times on low level items in a negative way, and the expectation that higher level items would take crazy long to craft (which in some cases they are). I think initial player perception is a tricky beast to wrangle, but by smoothing out this perception in the early game and more gently ramping it up, you’re more likely to draw players in.

With regards to bulk and mass crafting times, I wonder if this could also be smoothed out, so we don’t get players dropping out of game because they have to start off a few mass crafts and feel like they have nothing else to do other than wait before actually being able to do what they wanted…

If bulk & mass crafts were to output a percentage of items as they were being crafted, instead of everything at the end, I think this would help. So, for example, a mass craft of Diamond Hammers takes 5 hours to craft 10 hammers… If they were to output 1 hammer every 30 minutes, this would allow players to get back to what they want to do a lot sooner. Having additional coils on a machine would continue to reduce this ratio further.

Ok, that said, it would raise some edge cases…

  • Issue: “What if I broke the machine part way through a craft? Would I get a percentage of items back? What if the percentage is not divisible by the output?”
    Fix: Don’t allow machines to be broken when they have an active craft process.

  • Issue: “What if I cancelled the craft part way through producing items?”
    Fix: Don’t allow cancelling a craft that has already started outputting items.

Would that also mean that you would want to remove any skills that relate to crafting or recipes? Everyone can craft everything? Having skills kind of makes it a profession, in that you’re essentially trained to make those things. If people are spending skill points on those things, they would have the expectation to be rewarded somehow for doing them (other than obviously being able to actually make the items).

In the guild I am in, I often do the tool and weapon crafting, making sure other guild members have tools for mining, gathering, building, forging - I don’t always do the gathering for the items needed to make those tools, so I wouldn’t be rewarded in any way for my efforts (other than an occasional “thanks” from guild members).


Was thinking more about the rock vs titanium alloy comparison, I think it should include the XP (and smelting time) you get from doing ore->metal in the furnace. If you include that then titanium alloy looks more like this

Mass Titanium Alloy (50)
smelting titanium bars (36)
792 xp
2160 sec duration
smelting silver bars (72)
864 xp
2160 sec duration
alloy craft in mixer (50)
750 xp
3000 sec duration

= 3 sec/xp

The conclusion doesn’t change, rock is still better xp per second for a material that’s infinitely easier to gather and requires less steps. But they’re closer than I originally reported.

edit: With 6000 power my mixer reports the craft time as 1402 secs. That brings it to 2.4 sec/xp. Hurrah, we beat rock!


I had no idea ScythePlays played BL lol He must have used a different moniker because I can’t find his name under any badge. :woman_shrugging:


Streamers = free advertisement :wink::+1:


Can we make forged gear repairable maybe once or twice before it breaks


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