& cooperation's (W.I.P)

welcome to this topic, and thanks for your interest!

while this topic is a bit of a work in progress still.
recently i started updating the site and make some changes here and there…
the real idea behind is to let sovereign and creative planet owners create their own page!
the page creator comes with page builder (no website or page builder experience needed)
also nice effects options currently shown on the site itself.
i did this to make it easy for even the inexperienced players that would like to take it to the next level
so for example if you purchased a sovereign or creative and you named it something like MyPlanet
yours will be on
the site comes with many add-ons purchased and registered to the domain of my choice, this being currently.
also the website is in progress of having an area for forgers to offer their Service (freelance)
you register the item you forge and people can click the buttom (request service)
(still need to see how i will implement this so no fake requests are being made.
your own page also comes with your very own chat!
adapted to any browser and mobile device :wink: see for an example

so what can you expect if you want to build an page yourself

visual site builder
own sub domain liked on the main domain
awesome web effects to choose from!
own FTP to your folder
own databases on request.
own email on request example
Ruby on Rails

hourly daily backups using jetpack premium service
and much more (will update soon)

the site will also have all possible links from other players on there for easy access point

for more question or interest PM me


That’s a lot of additional bloat in the form of scripts and such on just the homepage. Can we drastically cut down the extensive use of javascript on this site?


thats being worked on yes

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