Boundless Pixel Art

I decided to make some pixel art inspired from the boundless trailer.


Wow, that’s incredible!

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Thanks! This is my first attempt at making a full pixel art scene (I usually just do small sprites).

Very good! :smile:

Awesome! Maybe we should make a a bit version of the game :wink:


Ooh now I want to see an animated 8bit version of the trailer @@.


I think this is as close as you are going to get


Looks amazing great job!!

Woah! Great job!

I remember some games (like Ziggurat) have some fun-mode where all is made in larger pixels. May be the devs add a mode next to those still ingame (where the resoslution is downscaled) just for fun … Would be cool to run the game at 1900x1020 with a downscale to 320x240/200 (PAL/NTSC, the resolution used by the C64 back in time ^^) or even 160x120 (My old Schneider PC had that in bicolor (black and green ^^)) … then we would have real 8bit feeling, dudes! ^^

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You could always make the mod yourself^^

Me? Mod? … The only events that may occure when I try to make a mod are A: My computer burns, B: Myself is burning or C: The world is swallowed by fire … My last good coding tries were in the 90th with my Amiga 500 ^^ … I only made some tweaks for Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, but that were only some changes in numbers to make it a bit more balanced and feeling real.

It’s never too late to learn^^

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Step 1: get a doc on the used prog language.

Step 2: read it and make notes.

Step 3: do your first tries, rework them until you feel used to the syntax.

Step 4: learn how to make and use mods for B<.

Step 5: plan how to make your thoughts to a working mod.

Step 6: start pogramming and be confident.

Step 7: add your mod to your B< client.

Step 8: Run the client and be sure you made everything right.

Step 9: have a look if your mod runs well.

Step 10: …