Boundless Redundancy

Hello folks,

after abandoning Boundless when Albion Online went from EA into full release (shame on me, I know) the Release 188 patchnotes convinced me to give Boundless a shot again.

So far I’m having a blast.

  • I (in contrast to many complaints I’ve read here) really like the pacing of the leveling. It adds a more “MMO-ish” feeling to Boundless
  • I (in contrast to many complaints I’ve read here) really like the rarity of certain ressources, especially once you get your hands on your first Atlas ( :globe_with_meridians::heart: ). It really adds a sense of exploration / treasure hunt to gathering.

I’ve also noticed mayor improvements in latency and|or performance (I was barely able to play 2015-2017 with the very same rig I currently use without any issues), kudos to the engineers.


I noticed one mayor blemish (dunno if that’s the right translation) that really put me off since I play again.
I’ve found myself spending a lot of time sorting materials from one machine to another just to sort the product back into another machine and so on…
That brings me back to the title of my post. The recent addition of power to the already existing mechanic of spark does IMO not add any dept but only adds extra complexity to the game.
Same goes also for brews, awesome gameplay element but Rage&Focus seem too similar in my opinion.
(Youtube Link to a nice ‘Extra Credits’ video regarding that topic)

This is why I’d like to see the spark mechanic repurposed in some way.
I think the existing assets could be reused to implement a ‘conveyor belt’ mechanic to machine networks.
Connecting machines to storage blocks (and compounds of them) could allow machines to automatically draw from the resource pool it is hooked to and to return any result product into the very same pool.

I feel like this would add an awesome quality of life feature to the game without taking anything away from it.


Machines can pull items from your inventory when you kick off a crafting. If I remember it defaults from inventory first, then machine.


Not quite :wink:
First priority is machine input inventory,
Then machine output inventory,
Then personal inventory.
But yes, the machine can draw and craft from all those places


I was going to leave a medium sized post here about this issue but instead im going to leave a post in the suggestions section under the title. “Machines and Inventory Management a Love/Hate Affair”

Thanks… I thought I had that backward but just couldn’t remember the sequence.