Boundless top 500?

actual 13million + the baskets(7-10million~ depends on the actuel status) and all the stuff in AluTech

biggest at once on a char was only 9 million (edit: could change it very quickly

because i have the coins split on the 3 mainchars to have always enough for trading


lol well I feel good about my first mill :dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar:


Had like about a couple million once due to some generous gifts, but for the most part I run around 50k-150k or so on my main these days. Easy come, easy go… I earn a fair bit but spend it quickly!


I’m active and I’m not :stuck_out_tongue:
Spending issues…

I used to think i was all that when i reached my first 10 mil. Then i realised there’s way richer people out there!

I think there’s 2 categories of rich people. The first is obviously people with tons of coin. The second is people who have an immense amount of stored goods and expensive blocks.

I always keep a few mil on hand. As i don’t tend to really build big and i don’t mine, i don’t have many expenses. By far my biggest spenders are guild-donations, event-price-money-donations and paying people to build me awesome stuff.

It’s a great feeling isn’t it? I had when I finally got it! (was over a year ago tho!)

Sure, perhaps in place 499! The joke was there aren’t more than 500 active players :wink:


I once minted essence worth of 1 million coins, but then I spent it all. I am not just able to keep coins in my pockets :smiley:

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I celebrated 1 mil by spending 910,000 :grin:


I’m not rich in coins as much even tho I can just buy what I need mostly but my most value is in build with high end stuff , and a prestige value of 60 mill on 1 char

I’m very coin poor, I always invest everything I get. I try to float above 1mil in the wallet to have cash available, but I always find stuff to spend it on :smiley:

The vast majority of my coin is tied in shop stock and various material buffers, then a portion in request baskets. Totalling somewhere between 10 and a 100 mil.

I think there are quite a bit fewer “super rich” people than we might think (talking coin here).
@AeneaGames is completely right in that we are all Top 500 lol, and keeping that in mind, the top 1% super rich, is only 5 people.
Going by this thread, which is also how i personally already thought it was, i would think that those 5’ish people have somewhere between 10 and 100 million coins.
The rest of us, fall below, in the poor 99% :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I’m sitting on around 8 million coin and maybe a couple of million in forged stuff and materials, and maybe another couple million in blocks, and I’ve been working those numbers since release, at a fairly decent pace.

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I have on my main around 2.5 milions, but I am not very involved in the economy

I have at least 20mil in silver blocks :grinning:


I hover somewhere between 500k and 1mil generally :slight_smile: keeps me going and let’s me buy bulk tools and forge ingredients.

If anyone is really struggling to get off the ground coin wise, I will happily donate 30k or so to get them started :slight_smile:


Currently sitting on 26.2m, that’s mainly because I cleared out stacks of Lucent Lucent refined and deco

The most I have ever had is 600k. Typically I have only about 125-150k. I am at the bottom 1%.

I float at a healthy 250k-500k, I mainly make my money at events (Halloween + Gleambow :ok_hand:) and then winning Dodge Bomb FFA’s :smirk:

I suppose I could make more but once I get 250k+ I don’t feel like I need anymore money, rather spend my time building :+1:


I keep 1mil for emergency anything over I’ve been spending instead of gathering myself, feels like dead money sat doing nothing

I decline to answer lol I’m good all I’ll say