Boundless Trade Network - Now Automated

If you go to it says site discontinued. The trade site showed the same thing for a while, at least for me it did. Maybe I was just unlucky.

Never did for me. Then again I’ve not really been using it lately since they do not scan shop stands and baskets anymore and the data that is there is several weeks old.

Boundlesstrade has not been offline for me, always working but hugely out of date. Cant even search combustion particle etc.

Most of the data is also 1w+ out of date.

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It was a handy tool I guess now we will all explore more for our shopping.

Shameless plug inbound…

Or you can come to the TNT superstore and buy and sell stuff!


I agree with almost all of this however, NG on trung should be the last sentence :wink:


the whole site is messed up and nobody is scanning anymore and the scanner is broken. @Dhusk mentioned starting a new site… not sure how that’s going…

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I scanned last week but then realised it didn’t update

It was a brief but glorious time.
Shopping felt like it should be.

Let’s hope they implement it into the base game at some point…


I miss the old boundless trade days. The last time I used it. I put in the coordinates and It took me to a place that was 90% regened. I wish I got there a few hours earlier.

I’m building a new Boundless Trade site and it’ll likely be hosted at Work has been a bear the last week and I was on vacation the one before that but I’m working on it now and it shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks to do.


No rush. :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers:

The page was awesome. I wouldn’t have been able to forge without it as I don’t hunt. And I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m out of mats. I really hope James noticed that the game just doesn’t work without something like that.


The game worked perfectly fine before this site came to light. It was quite handy tho! And used some nifty coding by Simoyd for the scanner but it was not without it’s issues…


No wonder my baskets arent found by people anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

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Back to old fashioned advertising then!


RedY3 needs his baskets filled! They can be found at Coin Converters at Nova Golda Market on Trung!


PS. Might be time to actually add them there? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


^^^ Everyone look at this Ad ^^^

Oh wait haha… I thought the coin converters were yours only? For real though can i add my baskets there?

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It’s basically a request basket footfall coop, you get 2x2 plots and a plot of the path.

Only #1 is mine, the other 13 are not!

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Global market listings are essential for the economy. I didn’t shop before, and I won’t shop until there’s a replacement. Glad to hear Dhusk is working on something! :partying_face:


The final web address will be different than We are just going to use that as the build area, since we have the hosting space available, while we get it up and running again.

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